Buying my BM Axis: Internet, credit cards, and prices

Aug 3, 1999
Wow, I reached this stage in the process a lot sooner than I expected. This Forum's been very helpful, I didn't expect to find the right knife so quickly, and I didn't realize how impatient I'd feel about it once I did. (This began as a mere quest for a tool to serve a purpose; I've never really cared one way or another about any knife before.)

A few more questions...

I know that sword replica maker Del Tin of Italy holds retailers to a constant price. Does BenchMade?

How many retailers out there do BenchMade? How can I choose between them? (Who are they, for that matter? I know of only and MJ&S so far.) Is the internet the only place to find them, or are some "in the real world" or mail-order businesses? (When recommending internet sites, please include addresses.)

And do any of them ever ship the knife with a bill so I can write a check later, or even take my check in the mail and then respond by sending me the knife? I want to lay off the plastic for a while, to keep my finances simple while I financially recover from college. (Part of my debt is ON the plastic, actually...)
All the knife companies I know of will take a money order. Some do take checks, but a money order is quicker. You can find the price of an Axis Lock to vary from company to company. Try these two if ya want:
I have done business with both of them. There is also a "links" page here at Bladeforums with who knows how many companies listed. Hope ya get your knife soon.

I've dealt with Tim Flanagan at Noreast Knives on several occasions and have always gotten outstanding service. Tim doesn't yet have a website, but is very quick in responding to e-mails. Drop him an e-mail at . I agree with Blades - a money order would be much faster than a check.

Good luck on your first quality knife purchase. Have a look at what can be accomplished in just a year if you'd just forget about those credit card bills

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I have been trying to reach "Discount Knives" for about three weeks now by telephone to place an order, and the phone is always busy. Like, busy to an abnormal extent, I have tried at three in the morning as a lark, and it was busy! That kind of pisses me off, you don't need to worry about anything f you buy through MJ&S. He takes all forms of payment, and he always has the knives in stock, if he doesn't you simply won't see them on the website. It is true about the money order thing, checks piss me off to no extent. I got a Visa Check card like the day I turned 18, go with that or go with a Money Order for sure.


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Oh yeah, have you read the Axis-Lock review at, it's pretty cool and includes all kind of CG pictures that explain exactly how the lock works.


Robert Joseph Ansbro

If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
-Stanley Kubrick, 1928-1999
How do money orders work? I've never done one before. (Is there a float time between when I get the MO and when I actually pay, like with credit cards?)
I'd also suggest Top of Texas knives, , as a dealer to look at.

Definitely look at Benchmade's site if you haven't already. Mercury's right - the cg graphics are pretty good, gives you a better understanding of the internal mechanism.

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Money orders are pretty cool, I use'em all the time.

They're like a cashiers check, you go to your bank, gas station, or grocery store and ask for one. They'll ask you for how much you want it made out, then they charge a miniscule service fee and give you the money order.

You buy the money order with cash, check, or credit card. You're essentialy paying for money.

Pay in cash, and there's no hang time at all.
Re: Money orders...

Then what? I go to the bank and get one, then how do I use it? Send it in the mail like a check? I've been told it's faster, but I don't see how; internet sites only take credit cards and don't have any spaces for submitting money order info. So what makes a money order different from a check? (And what makes either of them different from a cashier's check?)
Try Bayou Lafourche Knife Works, you can't do better.

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Yes and then send the MO like a check. The difference is with a check they will have to cash it in first and there's a waiting period in that. MO is as good as them as cash because it's prepaid anyway. If you want to do MO, call the dealer first and state your business (the knife you're interested in, your address, shipping cost, the total amount, that you will use MO, etc), and then get some MO. If all goes well, the dealer will send you the knife as soon as they get your MO. And no, you don't have to fill in their internet order info for that.

If you live in the US and buy your money order at the post office it's usually cheaper there and if you get cheated that's mail fraud even if the order wasn't sent by US mail -- that makes a difference; mail fraud enforcement is good. It makes sense to pay for COD orders with a postal money order too. And you usually can't pay for a COD with a check, or with cash if it's a large amount.

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