Buying new models or buying discontinued?

Jan 19, 1999
This is a peculiar question since the two knives I'm considering couldn't be more different... Would the BM auto Spike be a good purchase since they are being discountinued and may have a better resale value... or would the new Nimravus be a good purchase (resale-wise)since it is a new model and a fixed blade (somewhat unique for BM)? I like both of them the same and would really use them both for the same purpose (put in the carry rotation, general light utility use)I tend to buy knives, play around with them and then sell them after awhile so either one will probably eventually be sold. Also, I'm buying one of these to satisfy the urge for a new knife until my simonich d2 cetan is ready (4's like waiting for Christmas when you're a kid!)

TIA for your responses to this weird post!

I am from the school of "buy them!". Too many times I've acted too slow making a decision and regretted it later.
Keep it simple, your reasoning for buying either model are sound so, if money permits, get both now and if you regret buying one of them you have the option of selling that one later instead of regretting the one you got and wondering about the one that got away. Just my opinion.

Buy the Auto Spike now. When the supply of them dries up the prices will be a little harder to negotiate. The Nimaravus will be around for a while and you can buy one at a later date, or at least after you get tired of the auto spike and sell it to me at an incredibly good price way under what you paid for it (hypnotic suggestion planted) : )

must...sell...all...knives to....phillip.....for......90% off........
Get an Auto Spike asap. They were still around $100 the last time I checked. IMO, the Spike is one of the best made Benchmades out there. It has a great finish (smooth and deeply anodized instead of sandblasted), it locks up as tight as a safe. It's fast and very solid feeling. The flat grind blade is very utilitarian, while having THE BEST splinter removal point at the same time.
The button is huge and located in a "natural" place for the grip.
The only drawback with the Spike is the finish is so smooth that the knife is slick.
That goes against the "tactical" application everyone seems to be so hot over these days.
Have fun shopping.