By Popular Demand- Blaze Orange Kydex! plus other upgrades

Kailash Blades

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Nov 21, 2015
People have been loving the new OD and Desert kydex colours we've released but there's been calls for something brighter.
Visibility is no joke if you're on a snowy wilderness adveture and things go wrong or if you're moving through state forest and a hunter mistakes you for a deer. Our new Blaze Orange kydex sheaths should help with that.
Available on all knives on the website from today! We don't have the correct thickness for the loops though so it's black by default for the timebeing.


The incredibly eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed we have some new hardware too!
Rather than 2 piece eyelets we now have solid single piece flarable eylets that should be a bit tougher and a bit tighter. We also have proper chicago screws and rubber standoffs to bolt our loops down- all of which is given some threadlocker before shipment. While this may not sound like much getting a large enough supply of this material took about 14 months! Nothing comes easy in Nepal.
During the photos for the orange sheath we also took the opportunity to get a colour comparison lineup shot! The orange is so bright that it dulls the others a little but it should still help some.


We have some other sheath changes that'll be coming in the next month or so, as well as new materials, options and a few fresh designs so stay tuned!

Take care,
Andrew and the team at Kailash