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By request-- much more than a POW.


Petroleum Engineer
May 26, 1999
Well, I had posted this explanantion in Gadgets & Gear showing this Mig as some of the better gadgetry one could own. And several of you emailed me to post this note here. And I can say that Ron was impressed with the solid titanium handles on the Sebenza I carry (obligatory knife content=OFF)

So, here it is.
You think YOU have gadgets!
In honor of my good friend Ron Bliss, I have temporarily changed my avatar to this picture of him with a Mig 29. Ron originally flew Thuds and spent over 6 years avoiding flying sorties by simultaneously being a guest of the North Vienamese government (just ask Jane) and still getting a paycheck. He was featured in the movie "Return with Honor" and threw out the first ball at the Astros game on the 4th of July. He struggled with and overcame cancer and is an extremely succesful attorney and spends a lot of time giving back to his country and community. He and I have had some great adventures and I am proud to know him. I love this country!