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C.R,K.T Point Gaurd any good ???

Dec 10, 2000
I have been thinking about buying one of these knives. I would like to hear from some people who own one. What do you think of it? Does it hold a good edge? Is it a good daily carry knife? Is it a comfortable knife to use? Is it a good deal for the price? Thanks for your help.
I carried a small pointguard as my EDC for most of the second half of last year. I like it. In fact, If I think I might have to do any heavy cutting, I carry it instead of my WH Lancet
I talked to Pat Crawford just the other day, and it is still one of his more popular selling "custom" knives.....He is also very pleased with how it has turned out with CRKT also. For the money....it is a great little carry piece.light-weight, holds a good edge, smooth.....

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Mike Payne
I have the small one. I carry it everyday. My only complaint is I find the stud not well placed for easy opening. That might be the result of a small knife in a large hand, though.
It's a well though out knife. Certainly handle one before you commit to it. I think the thumb ramp with LAWKS engaged is uncomfortable. At least for me. I also don't like disk openers.

The blade is nice, the zytel handle works very well over the steel liners. Nice knife. The steel is OK, but if you are spoiled by the better steels out there, you may be disappointed.

I've bought 3 CRKT point guards, 2 large and a small and had the chance to handle them a lot. The large would be my pick for a comfortable, easy handling knife at a budget price. The handle configuration is superb and just nestles in the hand. Well balanced, too. Steel isn't the hottest but for the price (approx $35), I didn't expect CPM 440V

I'm not too enamoured with the small point guard and much prefer the large version. Looks like Pat got the design optimized on the standard size (large). I've got small hands but still have trouble getting the small opened. It was for a friend's wife so I wasn't too disappointed.

One of the point guards had a blade that wasn't properly centered (didn't hit the liners, though) so you might want to get your dealer to look over the knives before he ships them. Other than that, I can't find any fault with them for the price. Overall a great knife for the money.


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The Point Guard is one of my favorites...right now it is my EDC. The only thing I do not care for is the LAWKS safety, I find it to become engaged when I don't want it to become engaged.
Anyone know if you can remove the LAWKS?