C16 great knife!

Jan 9, 1999
I have been biten by the knife buying bug the past couple of months. I have purchased a CUDA(lost it in my house), and a Spyderco C16. The C16 is without a doubt the finest lock back I have ever owned. This includes my original Endura and CS lg Voyager. I am very partial to fixed blades more so than lock backs or folders in general. This C16 just may change my opinion on folders in general. I have put a 20 deg bevel on it with my Lansky and without a doubt the sharpest knife I have ever owned. This includes my Black Jack's, my Livesay AA, and my CS master hunter. It seems to hold an extremely fine edge too. Yesterday on a lark I decided to try and shave with it. Couldn't believe how well it did. I also cut in half by hacking a silver maple stick that was about 3" in diameter and about 20" long. This has been in my wood pile for kindling for a year so it was pretty hard. The C16 handled the chore with ease and still is shaving sharp. Unreal how the thing performs. Can't believe I don't hear more about this particular model. I also purchased an MOD from Brian as I did the aforementioned CUDA and C16(absolutely unequivically first rate service, contrary to other opinions), and it went back yesterday for several reasons, which I won't go into here. The biggest two were the lock let go several times and once with my wife cutting duct tape, and when I would withdraw it from my pocket the blade would open itself because I believe the thumb studs are to long and they catch on the seems of my jeans/khakis. Anyways I am about as happy as one can get with my C16. As Emeril would say the C16 rules! Keep'em sharp. Thank you and good night
Good review.

One thing, for those of us who do not have a head for numbers, does the C16 have a name ?
Normally, I turn off when reviewers use numbers. Just can't be bothered hunting around for a catalogue or website to look them up.

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Brian - the C16 is a Spyderco Wayne Goddard design. It was originally produced in Micarta and is currently made with Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Resin ("Zytel" type of material), ATS-55 blade (hollow ground), left/right reversible tip up clip.
Brian the C16 is the Wayne Goddard designed lite wt.,but only ounces. The blade is ATS 55 and about 3.5" but performs as a much bigger blade. The geometery of the blade length and width is excellant. NOt only that but in one of the last knife mags. I purchased it had an article on dropped handles for bowies. Well the C16 has a dropped handle. So in other words you can really load up on the thrust of the blade and what is really neat is that the blade stays pretty much inline with the centerline of your wrist. So you get the maximum amount of energy delivered to the thrust with great control. It also allows for great ability when hacking like I did on the hard maple branch. I just know that for 46 bucks delivered it has to be the steal of the cetury when it comes to the Spyderco line. Also the blade is pretty robust in thickness all the way to the point. It has a deep hollow grind to the blade that allows for ease of sharpening but doesn't seem to drag when it cuts or slice. Also the blade is curved really nicely so when you cut it really tends to bite but still tracks good. My wife loves it for kitchen work. At first she was kind of intimidated cause it has a pretty long handle and the blade for being only 3.5" is fairly large. Now she can't put it down when doing spuds, meat, chicken, and all the other chores it takes to prepare a nice meal. Hey great value and a true sleeper. Keep'em sharp.
Thanks, fellas.
But it was such a good review, I just HAD to look it up

Brian W E
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I have to agree with Longbow, the Goddard lightweight it is also one of my favorites. I like how the handle is designed to form a guard.

I had bought two, and my only complaint one of them failed the A.T. Barr test. The other held up fine. The one that folded even folded when I initially tested it by wacking the blade against my kneecap.


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Will - That is bad news, and pretty rare. The Goddard is one of our strongest lockbacks. Defeating on your knee should not have happened. Would you be so kind as to check inside the locking mechanism at the tang and check for lint or dirt in the lock? If the lock is clean, would you please wend it to our customer service dept, call it to my attention. As I said, Goddard lock defeat is very rare (I cannot remember any) and I would like to examine the cause.
Thank you for the info, and we'll get you a new knife ASAP.
Just had to add my 02 cents worth. I have had my Goddard Lightweight for just over 2 weeks and am extremely happy with it. I purchased it on looks alone as I had not read any reviews on it an I am not sorry. It is great to read that others are as pleased with it as I am.
It was shaving sharp straight out of the box and after spending some time carvind a grip into a hardwood baton that I carry when walking the dogs, (for other dogs not mine, we have a few very narky large dogs in our area and my dogs are very small), I could still shave with it. A couple of whipes on my sharpmaker and it is scary sharp again. I can only end with - "I love this knife".
I cleaned the lint (very little) from the lugs and repeated test on my knee. The knife again folded.

It seems the knife folds when the blade slides on my knee. The handle may be torqued causing the lock up to weaken. Very little impact was required to defeat the lock. I did not inflict any pain on myself and can still walk normally.

Once I find your address I will send the knife back to you Sal.

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