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C40 Jot Singh Khalsa !

Jan 29, 2005
I have loved this knife since I first saw it but have been unable to buy one , yet.

This model seems to be very admired and sought after , any chance on Spyderco ever doing another run of these bad-boys ?

Thanks , Todd
i would handle before ya buy.

i also liked pics but didnt care for the knife once i had it.

of all the disco'd spydies this model would be dead last imho to merit a re-make.
Bought one from SMKW back when they were on special (way back). Never trusted it because of lock failure on the liner lock. Sent it in and Spyderco wound up giving me a credit on it. Probably my least favorite Spyderco.

However, to each his own. Lots of folks have liked them.

Edited to add: I'm not trying to rain on your parade. Based on my experience, I just wanted to second SIFU1A's recommendation to handle before you buy.
"I have loved this knife since I first saw it" - rebeltf
Please Dude, try the Gunting instead.
Dunno 'bout anyone else here; but you're right, this one is bad alright.
Something I would be running from, not unless it came with a flying carpet.
Sorry! Just being completely honest here.
Hey guys , thanks for being upfront on this.
I love the exotic looks of it but have been unwilling to pay what the sometimes auction for , good to know some different views of a knife one admires.
I like the Gunting looks too , hell for that matter there is nary a Spyderco I do not like the looks of.
Sure wish I woulda scored a plain edge Meerkat before they were discontinued.:p
"Please Dude, try the Gunting instead.

I always heard the Gunting was a direct rip-off of the Khalsa.

Personally having known Jot, and handled the knife I've always been sorry I never bought one.

Two thumbs up in my book but I doubt we'll see a re-run of them.
If they do a re-issue they need to fix the lock cause the one on the original Jot wasn't good.