Calendar of events?

Jan 18, 1999
One feature I'd love to see on bladeforums is a listing or calendar showing knife-related events, including shows, special sales, and similar things.

I could imagine doing this by having a forum where anyone can post event notices, and the moderator would extract the details from each post to maintain a single file listing all events in chronological order. Ideally, the event listing would be very terse, just including date, location, name of the event, and a link to the forum posting that describes it. Discussions of the events could continue in the posting that introduced it.

I realize the "Community Center" forum currently gets some event postings, but it would be great to have a more organized way to collect and present this information.

Does a calendar of events exist already, and I'm just missing it?

For example, I'm in San Jose, CA, but have no idea if there are any upcoming knife shows in my area.


Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm in the L.A. area, and the Great Western show is coming the end of this month.
The knife shows in the DC area are mostly sponsored by different organizations which have no real connections. Here we have Camrod, Silverado and various knife maker and collector organizations. Finding a schedule for just the area within 100 miles of DC requires a bit of checking and scouting around.

The easiest way to not miss something here is to put a post into the Community Center Forum. If this is a bit confusing here in just one small area, I can imagine it would be a real mess to try and keep a larger calendar of events available for more of the US. It's something I would like to see too Brett.

I've seen calendars of events organized by state. You see the events for that state by clicking on the state index. This would probably be good for indexing and access. Another access method would be by organization. Since some organizations already have web sites, this would just be a link to their site.

The biggest problem to doing this is that it is so dynamic. Someone has to do a lot of maintenance to keep the calendar and schedule of events current and the links updated.

Thanks for posting the link. The site included Silverado events, but not Camrod. This is the kind of thing which would be really great for Knife related events. You gun guys are just so well organized.
Ask and ye shall receive!

I posted the same suggestion in the suggestion box a few days ago. Spooky Eh?

Spark, the administrator, said they would add it to their to-do list.

These BladeForum folks are great!

Terry - Great news!

Regarding organization of the calendar, I personally prefer simple listings over the web interfaces that ask you to enter names, locations, times, etc and then return events that match these criteria. Unless the number of events on the calendar is really large, I'd imagine a six-month to one-year listing would only take a few screens, and would be very easy to scan. It would also be kind of interesting to see all events so you can get an idea of where the shows are being held. If that list gets too big, breaking it down by state or country would be good.

The main thing is to make it easy to answer the question: when and where is the next knife show in my area?

But, anything would be better than nothing.



Thanks for posting the suggestion. I admit I haven't checked suggestions in over a week!

If it's on Spark's todo list, you can bet we'll be seeing it.