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Calling all Genesis 1 and 2 owners


Apr 28, 1999
I just had some quick questions about the EDI genesis. I know the basic stuff about them, but I had a few more questions. One is if the Genesis passed the liner lock tests that are talked about on the forum, like the AT barr and Spine wack test. The second is how long the edge lasts and how it sharpens up with a Lansky system. The last question is just for other comments. I know from the forum that Mr. Fennell stands by his products, which is very reasuring. I also have heard that the genesis are very sharp. I was just looking for other comments, like if you prefer the bead blasted or black coating, who has the best prices for ordering it, and how it feels to use it and how strong the liner lock is, etc, etc! I basically want all info so I can convince my parents to let me order it! I just spent over $500 on stereo stuff, $80 on shoes for track, about $100 on lifting stuff, so they are kinda leary of me spending more, since I am in college and only work during my vacations. Thanks for the info!!

The answer to your questions should be easier to get if we have that search feature. It's still AWOL, so here is my shot at it.

Do Gennies pass the spine whack tests? Yes and no. I believe this is also the case with other brands, some do, some don't. For example I have three Genesis Is and a Genesis II. Out of my four Gennies, only one Genesis I didn't pass the spine whack test. As others have mentioned in the Knife Reviews forum (see the SOCOM lock failure thread), the test seats the lock. No more problem.

How long the edge lasts? Now this is a really general question. The answer probably lies on how you actually use the knife. But I found out a long time ago that the ATS-34 used in Gennies is really good. Not too hard, meaning that it won't chip easily, but also not too soft meaning it will hold the edge reasonably. In general, it is better than the other ATS-34-steeled knives out there.

How it sharpens up with a Lansky (or any other rig for that matter)? That's another subjective question. If you're used to sharpen other ATS-34 knives, than it shouldn't be a problem.

If you compare the materials used in a Gennie, they're just so so. But the real gem is the blade geometry. The blade is thinner than most other knives in its size, contributing to a better slicing performance. Actually the Genesis is one of my favorites for everyday tasks (after I reprofile the edge that is). The clip is also one of the best tricks I've seen, letting the knife to ride low in your pocket.

About blade finish, I don't really care about it, as I use all of them anyway (got scratches all over the blade). I'm not really worried about corrosion and all, as I have a habit to clean my knives everytime I use them. If I know I'm going anywhere near saltwater, than I'll wipe them with Tuff Cloth, that's all.

And the news you heard abut Will Fennell is right, he stands by his products.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the reply! I was doing searches before to get the answers, but the search function has been down for a while now and I miss it! Which do you like better, the Gen 1 or 2? I am thinking of the black Gen 2 cuz I can get it for $93, and I can get the Gen 1 bead blasted blade for $98, plus $5 shipping. All my knives have scratches cuz I actually use them and I don't mind them. I haven't sharpened any ATS-34 blades before..just some Henkels kitchen knives, and some other cheap kitchen knives and a few of my folderrs, which use a junky steel. I want a big folder with about a 4" blade for utility and everyday carry. The SOCOM and Carnivour are too expensive, so my other choice was the Genesis. I've heard that the Genesis are already very sharp with a good edge, why did you reprofile yours? Did it get dull? Thanks for the info!
Given the choices of the EDI black or bead blast, I would go with the black. If it were a choice of polished/shiny plain over black, I would go with shiny. The bead blast finish doesn't hold up us as well to corrosion resistance (I don't remeber all the specific engineering details to it, but Will Fennell told me to go with the black, and he should know his own companies knives...lol).

My EDI Genesis I initially would fail the spine WHACK test may be 1/3 - 1/2 the time at first, but I ended up sending the knive back into EDI and they kindly replaced with a brand new one that they had assembled just for me
. EDI will stand behind their knives 100% - great product, and great customer service! It would be one of my top pics for a liner-lock.

Of course I love the Spyderco line, Too
How about a plain edged Military, or Wegner? Both can be found on the internet for just under $100.

The DEEP carry clip makes the EDI almost undetectable. The bronze bushings make it a wicked smooth knife. Just my thoughts

Good choice on your first ATS-34 knife. But one thing is for sure, ATS-34 would be a tad harder to resharpen than lesser steels. Just take your time when doing it.

I used to prefer Genesis I to the new Genesis II, as Genesis I has 2 liners (vs 1) and G-10 scales (vs GV-6H). Having 2 liners will probably contribute to overall rigidity and strength, but my suspicion about the Genesis II being less rigid is never proven.

About reprofiling the edge. This is just my personal preference. I have two Gennies finished with the coarse stones for microserrations effect, and keep the other two polished for scalpel-like effect. For the polished ones I reprofiled the edge to a lower angle simply so that they would cut better, the catch is of course they won't hold the edge long. I have one of each species with me all the time
. For everyday use I'd recommend the factory angle (well probably lowered a bit

Thanks for the replies, guys! I think I will go with the Gen 2 black blade. I am helping some relatives move in August, so I'll get some more money and I also got some extra from sharpening co workers knives, so I think I can convince my parents to let me get it. I am over 18, but I spent about $700 this summer so far on stuff for my stereo, lifting stuff and stuff for track. I would prefer to stay away from spyderco's, but I don't know why. Maybe it is the serrations or something. I have never used a spyderco, but it just doesn't seem like it would be my type of knife. I can probably only get one in the next few years, so I have to get one that would last. I would get the carnivour, but my parents don't want me spending over $100. Oh well!
Hey Frantium...3 Genesis I's? Can I have one? It can be your good deed of the year..
I've been a Genesis fan since it first came out. My first G1 did fail the spine wack test after owning it a few months. Once I notified Will Fennell, he asked me to send the knife in and it was promptly replaced with a "little extra" customizing by Michael Collins for my left-hand style.

I also use the Gatco system to sharpen my folders. It performs satisfactorily although if I'm in a really picky mood, I'll finish off the job with a shot or two from a very fine grit surgical black stone.

Edge holding on the Genesis is first-class, second only to my Spyde Moran (that's quite a compliment to EDI!)

Bottom line, EDI is a great company with great service and a fine product line. (No they don't pay me -- they've EARNED my respect!)

Life is a journey, not a guided tour -- GO ARMED!

I own both the Gen 1 and the Gen 2. And other than the fact that the liner lock on the Gen 2 came a not quite right ( I have not sent it in yet to be fixed, so I can not say if the service is good) I have liked both knives. I have not really carried the Gen 2 because of the liner lock issue, but I do carry the Gen 1 often and like it. It works great and has the best clip I have ever seen. The Gen 2 is lighter and the clip seems to be easier to put onto and take off of the pocket of jeans. If you are going back to school where it is almost without a doubt against the law to carry a knife you will not go wrong by getting either of these two as they are the least visible of the 'clip' carry knives that I have seen. Oh and I would go for the bead blasted finish...I am not a big fan of the black coatings.
Hi Tuff,

Hrumph..., give you one of my Gennies? Never!! I could never have enough Gennies! See, the A2 version is coming soon, and then there will be the Talonite ones (oh, oh, oh...)
. I also have 4 AFCKs (ATS-34 and M2 ones) that I cycle every now and then. The Gennies and the AFCKs are probably my mostly used knives, plus a Sebenza and two Militaries. I have other knives, but these are my main carry.

Oh, I do give away my knives, but mostly the ones that I don't have any use for

Ok..I think my parents wil let me get the Gen 2. I would carry it to school, but I will just stick to my Supertool, which is allowed on campus. I know what you mean by the polished edge versus the coarser one. My Gerber Mircolight LST has a 17 degree, plished razor edge on it and my Supertool has a coarser 25 degre angle. I use the Lansky and then lightly touch up the very edge with an Arkansas stone to get that final bite. It works great!
Your making me sick Frantium. Your over there telling how you have multiples of things, I'm trying to get one of anything...