Calypso jnr LWT and MOKI

Oct 25, 2000
I have been desperately trying to find someone in the UK who carries the Calypso Jnr Ltwt, having made up my mind that this is the sub 3" folder I require for daily carry - still without success.
Whilst at my local dealer he showed me a new range he was carrying made by Moki. The dealer says they are the best knives he has seen for a while, although he does not deal with top line knives. Can anyone give me any information and do they produce a similar knife to the Calypso Jnr Ltwt? I especially like the 440V steel and the slim profile.
Don´t know about Mokis, but take a look at German mail order company, good service, no shipping costs in the EU. You might find slightly better prices on Benchmades and other more expensive knives, but with the Spydies, the difference would be minimal.

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Moki is a top notch maker, but their knives are rare in America. Actually, it seems like they're hard to find outside of Japan and maybe even inside Japan! The few models they put out are extremely classy and very beautiful.

Most of the work Moki does is in making knives for other companies. In fact, Spyderco uses Moki as a subcontrator and I wouldn't be surprised if Moki makes the CJL. I'm pretty sure that Moki made the regular Calypso Jr. and the large Calypso.