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Calypso jr. -a MUST HAVE item!

Feb 22, 1999
Every knife lover should get a Spyderco Calypso jr. with the micarta handle and flat ground plain edge!
I listened to the opinion of many of you here on the forum, and ordered one- it turned out to be even better than I expected. It is very elegegant, very well made, and extremely sharp, and it keeps cutting and cutting.
It is definitely a must-have item, and the price is right, also (I would buy it even if it costed a lot more).


P.S. get a Sharpmaker, too, if you don't already have one!
Hey Costas, how are ya?...Haven't got a calypso yet....But I've been eyeing one!!! I've been carrying a Spydie Dyad, very handy small size, lost the clip(I took it off and dropped it in the lake)he he..so I carry it in my pocket..Its also a great must have item! Its cool to have two blades like the old style Case knives..remember when most pocket knives had 2 or 3 blades?? WHOA.. Just thought I'd say howdy. I'll check out the Calypso..Bart

I wish you wouldn't have started this thread!

Already a Delica and Endura fan, and the
Calyspo Jr. does really appeal to me. Kept trying to put it off, and though I had it out of my mind (from all the prior positve posts), until you brought it up again.

Oh well, guess I got to get one. Would be a classy replacement for my daily Delica, Kershaw liner lock, and mini AFCK carry.

Don't put it off, bud! The best folder spyderco has ever designed, in my opinion. I've given away about 6 or 7 of them as gifts so far, and everyone goes crazy over 'em.

Once I drove an hour and a quarter to a knife store 'cause they said they had a calypso Jr. in and when I got there they didn't have one
I love them though! I'm doomed to always end up with another knife than the Calypso, although that is usually the knife I go to get
As I have said at the Spyderco forum--the Calypso Jr BM plain edge is my favorite Spyderco and probably my favorite production knife. I've been carrying mine for about a year now, and it looks as good as the day I got it. If you like this knife then buy it because Sal Glesser informs us that that model is slated for discontinuation. Sales for this model are much lower than for the stainless handled version, which is not nearly as nice IMO. They are coming out with a zytel handled version in VG-10 steel which sounds nice (esp the steel change) but the micarta handles are so much nicer than zytel.

Does your Calypso have the liner in the thong hole? All the ones I have seen in person do, but the pictures on the net always show them without the hole liner. It doesn't make much difference, I'm just trying to figure out if they made a change or not.

I bought mine from Joe Streitenberger of Circleville, OH. I'm not sure if he has any now or not but he is a good man to do business with and usually ships promptly. Call him at-
J&S Knives
To Paul:

Yes, my Calypso jr has a metal liner in the lanyard hole.

To all:

I have been using my Calypso jr for another two days since my first post, and I am even more impressed now! This knife has unbelievable cutting power, and it is very well-made.

Calypso jr + Sharpmaker, the ultimate combination!

Thanks alot Joe! I'll tell my wife you said it was OK to get a Calypso.

And Paul, you're scarin me! I better get one before they are discontinued.

P.S. Joe, I see you give Calyspso's away. Don't forget, I am your friend.
I received one as a gift. I was more than happy. The size is right and it fits my hand very well. It's not too heavy. The blade stays sharp and cuts very well. It looks classy and since the plain blade doesn't look too menacing, it generally doesn't freak people out.

Thanks again bro!

Is that thing shar...OW!
I believe I read in the Spydie forum that most consumers prefer the hollow-ground SS Calypso jr. to the flat-ground micarta one.. so the micarta one is being discontinued.

HOWEVER I think it is being replaced by a flat-ground calypso jr. with a better grade of steel, and zytel handles.

=- Dan
I love my Calypso Jr. micarta. Got mine at a gun show. It's the cleanest-cutting knife I own, and probably the most comfortable to carry. Works well as a dress knife or a work knife. The micarta seems very tough. Once while adjusting my jacket I accidentally pulled it out of my pocket and it dropped onto rough blacktop. The micarta suffered only VERY minor scruffs, hardly noticeable. I once dropped a G-10 handled knife in the same way that ended up looking a lot worse.
The Calypso Jr. sounds pretty cool, but it'll have the be Calypso Sr. for me!
I just dont like all the mini's too much.
Since so many in this forum like this model, how about a Bladeforum model Calypso Jr., in cpm-t440v, plain edge, with micarta handles ?

I would be the first to buy.

roger blake
I agree with Roger... THAT would be an awesome little knife!

Sign me up if you can swing the deal.

Roger's suggestion has already been made -- over in the Spyderco forum. Only a couple of details differ. Spyderco is moving to VG-10 steel for the blades of the new Calypso Jrs so that is the logical choice for a special edition. The other detail that got a lot of enthusiastic response was to have a different color handle. I'm to lazy to pop over there and look it up so I'm not giving proper credit for brilliance here, but coral micarta was suggested. Several of us (including me) expressed interest in buying multiple Calypso Jrs in that configuration.

It probably won't happen, but with the move to VG-10 in the works anyway and the tooling already in place putting out a run of Calypso Jrs with coral micarta (or some other color) would be pretty simple and cheap. No R&D costs at all, no extra tooling, just a matter of buying a little stock of a different color of micarta. Personally, I think that run would sell out in a heartbeat. Heck, I would buy some even if they made them in coral micarta with AUS8 like the one I've got now. Black is fine, but sometimes a little variety is even better.

Paul Neubauer
What?! The micarta version is being discontinued? To heck with the general concensus! A Calypso Jr. with Micarta is my personal top choice for an utility folder. Anybody know where I can pick one up for a great price before they're gone for good? And what kind of micartas are available again?

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