Calypso, lightwieght or stainless?

Sep 12, 2000
I have been wanting one of these babies for the longest time. Which one is better in the area of durability. Finally is there such a difference in the aus 8 vs. the vg 10. It seems that the stainless would be the better deal at first glance. But maybe I am overlooking the lightwieght. Any response would be appreciated, except for maybe "get a life"

Correct me if I`m wrong but doesn`t the stainless version have a saber ground blade instead of the flat ground on the Lightweight? If so that alone is reason enough to get the lightweight. The blade geometry is just fantastic. I have a lightweight and I couldn`t be more happy with it. It cuts like a laser,lockup is nice and tight and the VG10 holds an edge really well. I haven`t done any side by side tests but I hardly ever have to sharpen it and when I do it`s just a few light passes on each side on a small EZLap and it`s hair popping sharp again. If you plan to do any kind of serious cutting with it you`ll appreciate the grippy fish scale pattern grip vs. the smooth stainless too. Marcus

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I think you will be more happy with the Lightweight version rather than the SS. The lightweight's VG10 will hold an edge longer than aus 8. The lightweight's zytel handles will not show scratches and is much lighter. The lightweight's edge geometry is also better than the SS. In fact the calypso's flat ground blade will cut with the best of them.
I have a Calyspo Jr. Lightweight. It is Aus-8, flat ground, and has black Micarta scales. It is my favorite knife. The flat grind is definitely better than by AFCK's fat grind. Go lightweight.
My Calypso Jr. is VG-10. It is the one to have in my opinion.

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Lightweight w/VG-10.
I love the way the stainless looks though. Seems strange that the Calypso ltwt has VG-10 vs the sts. w/AUS-8, while the Dragonfly has sts. w/ATS-55 vs the ltwt w/AUS-8.
Wonder why?
I got a Dragonfly in sts. last week, 'cause I don't like the plastic clip of the ltwt, and wanted the higher end steel. Plus its a great looking little knife that comes in handy when I don't want to whip out a bigger blade.
Looks like the lightwieght is the way to go. I just like the look of the stainless, maybe if it was a flat grind with vg 10, oh well...

Owen M, I believe the reason the stainless has a lower end steel is to keep in the same ballpark, in terms of price, as the lightweight. I also would love to see this knife, with all the characteristics of the lightwieght, with a stainless handle.

Excuse me if I am wrong, but I believe Spyderco makes the Calypso(the big one, not the Jr.) with black micarta and VG10. I hope so, because I just ordered one. Currently, I carry the black micarta Calypso Jr. with AUS8A blade and have yet to have to sharpen it. I only hope the big version is ground nice and flat like the Jr..

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Not that you need my help after everyone else has weighed in in the side of the LW Calypso Jr., but I'll say my piece anyway. I've had both in my posession, and I(like the rest of you) prefer the Zytel LW. The steel is better, the blade geometry is better, the handle gives better traction and feel. The LW also has two other amenities missing from the SS: 1) The locking bar is dished out slightly to reduce the possibility of depressing same with a hard grip; 2) The clip can be switched from left to right. I also concur, however, that the SS version LOOKS nicer, which is why I gave it to a friend as a graduation present after I had it engraved with his name and class.

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I have a micarta / aus-8 Calypso Jr and I think its the best knife I own. True the edge retention is not as good as on the new zytel replacement but aus-8 steel takes a very keen edge and is very easy sharpen. Zytel knives feel cheap while the Micarta handles makes this knife feel like fine gent's knife. The micarta handles to me more than offsets the steel advantage of the new ones.

Just my opinion.

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IMO, the stainless models are slippery and don't have the balance of the lightweights. Lightweight all the way.



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I have the micarta and stainless versions. I say get them both!.
One nice thing about these knives is that they are not that expensive. I just bought the ss version for $35 and the micarta version for a friend for $40 on ebay.

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