Calypso ltwt vs CRKT Urban Shark


Oct 5, 2000
I would like to hear from anyone that has both of these knives to see which you prefer and which one would make a better, all-around carry/utility knife. Thanks in advance.
Both are fine knives, however, my preference is with the VG-10 steel Calypso Jr Lwt. It takes and holds a much better edge.
yep, gotta go with that vg10 and calypso


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I don't own the Urban Shark but I do have a couple other CRKTs and find the AUS-6 steel a big, big step down from VG-10. And I greatly prefer the thumbhole over CRKT's rough thumbstuds. I love the Calypso Jr. Ltwt. Haven't run across anyone who doesn't.
Thanks for the replies. I share in the dislike of the Urban Shark's oversized studs.
The Calypso Jr. lightweight is absolutely great. The steel is tough and takes a fantastic edge. The blade design is excellent. It glides through materials effortlessly. It has a fine point for splinter picking. The fish scale handle pattern gives a good grip. All around this is an exceptional value.