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Calypso question

I have owned several spydercos before but this is my first Calypso. And it is my first knife made of VG-10. Is this steel rust resistant. I noticed it had about the same make up as ATS-34. Will VG-10 rust? Other than that I just wanted to say I love the knife.

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Oct 3, 1998

Sal Glesser has reported the following:

Our "Laboratory tests" (CATRA) indicate that VG-10 (properly heat treated) got 32% sharper than ATS-34. Edge retention; VG-10 stays sharper longer by 29% VG-10 after 6 hour "Q" fog was superior to ATS-34 in corrosion resistance by 22% and after 72 hours, by 3 times.

So the answer is yes, VG-10 will rust. Not very fast, but you'll have to take some precautions if you anticipate extended contact with moisture.

David Rock

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