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Camillus Cudaclaw - impressions?

Feb 15, 2000
What do you folks think about this knife - and the Cudas in general? Is that flip-button reliable?

Thank you.
MickMan - I've had a chance to see a CUDA Claw at a show once but never used one. Seems like an aggressive cutting tool that'll bite its way through a variety of tough materials.

In terms of construction, the all the CUDA knives are put together well. Though, the only gripe I have about them is the skinny liner lock bar. Have not had any problems from my CUDA drop point in this area, though it does look out of proportion to have a thick blade held open by a skinny liner. They could increase the thickness of the liners but that would also increase overall thickness and weight too.

So far, the sliding disk opener has held up. No qualms about its durability. You'll find the button itself to be a little "floppy" in its mounting but this is done on purpose - so the button freely rotates to follow your thumb during the opening cycle.

Overall, the CUDAs are good work knives. Mine is the large drop point plain edge version in all black - including liners, clip screws, assembly screws, handle spacers, and pivot screw. Now, THIS is how one should do an all black knife IMHO. Hope this helps.

Dexter Ewing
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