Camillus EDC blade steel

May 31, 2001
I'm thinking of getting a Camillus EDC, but I'm not sure which blade steel to choose. I did a little research in the archives, but didn't really come up with anything that sways me one way or another. What are the pros and cons between the 420HC (which, if I'm not mistaken, is the same steel Buck uses) and the 154CM, and (big question) is the talonite really worth the three - fold price increase?
The 420HC version is a good knife and easy to maintain. I have the 154CM EDC which in my opinion is possibly the best buy you can get currently on the market. I haven't seen the Talonite version yet, but the 154CM version is great.:D
it may be worth your time to check in the review forum for info on the talonite. i've heard its pretty good. the 420hc is a GOOD steel.its not a 154 cm or ATS 34,but it is a solid performer.There are also threads on blade steels which on informative and entertaining. good luck,enjoy the search.
i would have to say go with the 154CM. it's not a large price increase over the 420, but when you get into the range of the talonite version it just doesn't seem worth it. if i'm going to spend that much money on a talonite blade, i want a special handle to go with it. like one of darrel's custom edc's mmmmmmmmmmmmm......... :) :) :)
I'd go with the 154CM steel. If you have priced the Talonite version of the EDC (at the Camillus Forum), you will notice that for the price of one of those, you COULD buy yourself a 'Benz...(The car, not the knife!.:D.).
I'd go with the 154CM version. It's only about $15 more and the edge-holding ability is going to be greater.
You can get the 154 CM version for $49.95 from Mike Turber at WOW if they are still available. Impossible price to beat.
I would spend the extra $$ on 154CM in a split second. Whether or not talonite is worth it to you depends on how much of a knife nut you really are. It has some advantages over 154CM, for example it is basically corrosion proof, and holds an edge a long time. On the other hand, it is weak, so you might end up leaving the edge a little thicker, which does sacrifice cutting performance, assuming you sharpen to the bleeding edge.

My own opinion is that if you're a true knife nut, you absolutely must have a talonite knife in your collection, and this is as good as any. If you're just looking for great performance plus the best price/performance ratio, 154CM is the easy choice.

The 154CM version is the way to go here. It has the best cost/effectiveness ratio by far. The EDC is a little bitty knife btw.