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Camillus GP152 Sharpfinger clone

Nov 27, 2006
I had an interesting conversation with a long time Camillus employee today. At this time, they are planning to continue to produce their U.S.A. made 1095carbon steel Sharpfinger clone. This person also shared that Camillus actually paid some money for rights to produce this knife and the other Schrade clones they starting making after Schrade's demise. I kinda wonder about that because, to my knowledge, any patent issues on the Sharpfinger should have been gone; but, if its true, it is interesting.
Interesting. Did they specifically say they paid a design patent licensing fee to TBLLC? The pattern was developed and production began in 1974. I am not aware of an existing design patent on it. Not even an expried one. And nowhere have I read a Schrade claim that it was a patented design. I have a copy of the trademark registration for "Sharp Finger", which TBLLC renewed after they purchased the IP, but to my knowledge, Camillus has never used that trademark.

#73021047 04/15/1975 SHARP FINGER mark

(appl.5/09/74) First Use Date: 1974-02-25

04/26/2005 Taylor Cutlery LLC
The context of the conversation was as long as they were going to keep making the Sharpfinger design in carbon steel, why didn't they make the 15OT, 165OT, etc.. The gal mentioned the specific knives (all folders) that they were making from the former Schrade line and that these were the only ones they "took on". I specifically asked if she was indicating that they had paid for the right to make these knives. She replied in a very affirmative manner that indicated to me she had direct knowledge of the transaction. Could it be that they paid money on the folding knives (ex: the muskrat which they refer to as the muskrat) and she is just assuming that the 152 was in the deal? Also, I have seen companies pay a reasonable fee on an issue like this just to preempt having to litigate a claim without much merit. Further context of the Camillus conversation was the subject of who might end up with the Schrade tooling that United got after Schrade's demise now that United is belly up. I wondered from the gal's response if Camillus might have ended up with some equipment from the old Schrade factory as part of the deal. Maybe that's what they paid for.