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Camillus mini CUDA

Nov 11, 1998
Anybody knows anything about this knife? I just saw a picture on the Knifecenter web site. It's a new knife that just hit the market. I had my mind set on buying a BM Pinnacle, but this mini CUDA really looks great. I like the blade shape a lot, and sounds like the opening button is a great plaything. Any opinions? How about people who have the full size version? How solid is it?
One thing I have doubts about in Pinnacle from BM is its size. The mini CUDA would be perfect size for me. The problem with CUDA's is that they don't have BT coating! Can't have everything in one knife.....
I've seen the mini Cuda proto's and they look GREAT! I like them alot better than the full size. The knife feels real solid and the G10 is finishd very well. I will get one of the drop points as soon as its availible. I like the knife that much.

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
President-EDI Knives
carry full size cuda daily,a bit large but I like it.A smaller cuda,ahhhhhh heaven.where is this website.
sorry about not answering question about how solid it is.in my opinion it is very solid.also a lot of fun to play with[fondle]
it is my favorite[i own 3,1 tanto,2 spearpoint,1st production run]don't know why they are not well received.
The mini CUDAs are available from the KnifeCenter. Check them out at: