Camillus Rimfire Classics ????

May 25, 2001
Hey Camillus experts... what years were the rimfire classics issued? I have 1994 thru 1999, but looking at the number of the first one, leads me to beleive there were earlier ones. Thanks for your help, as usual. Reggae
Camillus made 7 models of the Rimfire Classic Knife beginning
in 1992.
#22LR1 - Two Blade Pen Knife
#22LR2 - Two Blade Junior Trapper
#22LR3 - Two Blade Congress Knife
#22LR4 - Two Blade Skinning Knife
#22LR5 - One Blade Lok-Back Knife
#22LR6 - ?
#22LR7 - Stockman 3 Blade Knife
Tom Williams
Camillus Cutlery Co.
No information was found on the #22LR6 - I will post this when
I just picked up a Camillus congress 4 blade knife and it has 22LR3 and below that 1994 on the two opposing main blades.........don't think its a Rimfire Classic.......did they have say that on the knife or what special markings did they use to identify it as a Rimfire Classic?
Any help would be appreciated....

What you might have is a closeout we did for Smokey Mountain. Some of those blades might have been used for the four blader. What handle is on the knife?

Hello Rick, it has Derlrin Stag handles on it........ it has a nice look to it for Delrin!
The knife has good walk and talk.........liking that Congress pattern more and more.
Thanks for the reply.

Kap :cool: