Camo Sticks!


Jul 15, 1999
Sorry This is way off topic but I need help! I am looking for military face paint sticks and cant find any!!! I want an OD and a black one maybe even a brown but cant find them anywhere all I can find is the compact kits will the cream not sticks. So if anyone out there is in the military or knows of a place to get some please email me. My email is Thanks
The best way I know to get them is through somebody you know who is, or was, in the military. They're available in most Army PX's.

By the way, if you want to get that stuff off your face, I reccomend warm water and Barbasol. I don't know why, but shaving cream works pretty well on this stuff.


You won't find the camo sticks anymore, unless you can come across some from old stock in an army/navy store. The Air Force went to the compacts about 4 years ago, and the army/marines followed 2 years ago.
Good luck in your search.

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If you can find somewhere that sells British army surplus we are still issued camo in sticks and there are a number of companies that make them for the general market eg BCB.

If you have no luck finding any over the water drop me a line as I know I can pick some up over here, however the postage is likely to be on the high side as they are relativley heavy for their value.

try my work email

I wouldn't waste your time on the sticks.
I used them when I first came in the Military about 14 years ago and over time came to appreciate the compacts much better.
Not just for a better variety in shades but ease of application and removal.
The sticks worked, don't get me wrong but don't waste your money just because they were once issue items(remember when the chips are down and your life is at stake, the equipment you were issued was made by the lowest bidder). That is why most people I served and still serve with usually purchase their own items.

Anyway, I digress. Go with the sticks if you will, but IMHO they are no better and in some ways worse than the compacts.....'nuff said.

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I have to disagree,

The compac's are great for those "finishing touches to the cheek bones" but I cant use one for the main application or you would go through one every other day.

Mind you I try and avoid cam cream like the plague as it gives me spots, in the rear with the gear I do not need to look like rambo (well not all the time
The sticks are good for long term use. They do not sweat off easily once they are applied. The down side is that it takes a lot of effort to put the stick paint on and it does not go on thickly.

The compacts give you a deeper quality camo job, but they sweat off more easily and require more frequent application. The mirror is a plus if you do not have a buddy to put in on for you.

Why has cammied up most recently? I just had a night combat equipment jump last Saturday (7 AUG).

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