Campanion Test


Dec 21, 1999
Took my new BK&T Campanion that I won in the
guess the knives in Dexter's vest contest out for a little test drive. There is(was) a blue spruce tree about 8 ft. tall on the edge of my property. Too much road salt had pretty much killed it so I was taking it out.
Instead of a saw I decided to use the Campanion.The weight of the blade made it easy to shear off the branches.It worked best when"chopped" with a slicing motion. On branches smaller than about thumb size,care had to be taken as there was not enough resistance to prevent the blade from popping through and endangering my leg! After pruning all branches ,I attacked the base of the now nude trunk. It was about 10" in diameter.The Campanions handle gave a very secure grip and caused no "hotspots" or blisters.The first whack buried the blade about halfway and took some leveraging to work free.No problem.The next couple of chops took out some good size chunks and in about 3 minutes the job was done.
The edge was bent over a little but still sharp enough to use. A few strokes on my Norton stone soon had it as good as new.
No nicks or chips occured in the edge.
This knife will become part of my campimg kit and I'm sure will handle all the chores I'll ask of it. From shelter building to making firewood I'm looking forward to years of use from it.

Thanks for the review. Sounds like a pretty practical knife. I haven't chopped anything with mine yet. Time's a comin' though.


The low, hoarse purr of the whirling stone—the light-press’d blade,
Diffusing, dropping, sideways-darting, in tiny showers of gold,
Sparkles from the wheel.

Walt Whitman
I have one of the old Campanions, and it is great! I have chopped down some small trees up to about 3' in diameter with a single stroke. It's not even funny how you can manhandle a 1X6 board with it. What these things lack in grace, they certainly make up for it in brawn. I am chompin' at the bits for a new Brute and Magnum. I'll bet they are just as good, and the price is still right.