Can a knife be just too dull to sharpen on a Sharp Maker?

Feb 18, 1999
A few years ago, for the heck of it, I used the Sharpmaker to put an edge on a very dull out-of-box BM Stryker. It had virtually no edge bevels on it at all. Well, after lots of work off/on for a few days I got the edge very sharp. It cuts very well now. I also heavily reprofiled an S30V Sebenza from a very thick, slippery edge that was fairly dull, with the rods at 30 degrees included, with 40 degrees included at the very cutting edge. Now the edge has bite to it.

Yes, you can reprofile a dull knife, depending. I tried to reprofile someone's cheap Chinese-made bali-song that was about as sharp as a bar of soap. The soft, chrome-plated metal would not/could not take an edge no matter what, and I really worked on it.



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Jul 22, 2005
Are you sure you are actually hitting the edge?

It is possible that the angle of the knife is above 40 degrees. If this is the case, you would only be hitting the shoulder of the edge when you sharpen.
Apr 11, 2002
I have the diamond sleeves, but for really dull knives I tape some sandpaper on the stones. Works great and saves my diamond sleeves for easier jobs.

I'm sure I learned that on the forum, somewhere. Patrick