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Can anyone give a review of a Randall?

Sep 14, 1999
I have heard countless stories of servicemen using Randall Made Knives: from digging trenches to close (too close) combat fighting. Can anyone give a review of a Model 14 or Model 1?
My fiancee and parents are getting me a Model 16-7" SP#1 Special Fighter when I gradutate Boot Camp (MCRD San Diego) Just wondering what to expect...about the knife, not boot, I don't even want to know what to expect there...
I was an infantryman in Vietnam in 1967. I carried a Randall Model 14 bought for me by my wife. I wouldn't carry anything else. This is a very strong knife that will take anything you can dish out. I also own a Model 1. I would rather carry the Model 14 if I were wuth a line unit. I never had to use it in contact (thank God) but it did everythig else, including opening mail and C ration cans. A great kinfe.
Thanks for the line. I got to pick out a Randall Made so I choose the Special Fighter #1 (Model #1 blade/Model #14 handle-Border Patrol Style) My fiancee and my folks are giving it to me for my graduation from MCRD San Diego (when I make it through...)

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Forgive me this is a little off-topic. I don't know much about Marine Corps boot camp, so pardon this totally idotic question.

You have internet access during boot camp? That doesn't sound too bad
Negative. I leave on Jan. 23, 00. I still have two months of running, situps, and pullups on my own until I have a D.I. yelling at me (and motivating me!) to run, situp and pullup MORE!!!
Horse Out...
No problem about the question, the only wrong question is an unasked question.