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can anyone help me???

Jan 20, 2001
hello all!!! i'm new here to the forums and i was wondering if someone can help me with this... i have the james keating hornet and was thinking about getting the sharpmaker to sharpen it. one problem, the blade is so thick for a folder i'm not sure i can get a razor's edge on it. and if i can what sharpening system would be good for it??? i'll take all the help i can get. thanks...lonewolfblood
Well, let me the first to say welcome to the forums. Also, let me say that it must be rainy everywhere because everyone is sharpening and asking sharpening questions. You can use a 204 on any edge, depending on how dull it is. The sharpmaker is really more of a sharpkeeper but you can reprofile with it if you have the time. if the knife isn't that dull then the 204 is the way to go. If it is then use benchhones, a lansky type sharpner or anything with a courser grit to get the job done. Also, if you read down a bit you'll find all kinds of things on sharpening. Today is your day.

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Welcome! I'd say go with the 204. If the edge is really thick and really dull, I would start with the 30 degree angle to thin it down. Normally about 20 passes per side with the corner of the triangle course rod will do it, if it doesn't keep on going with it. Then I would go with the flat side of the course stone at 30 degrees. Next go to the 40 degree angle, start with the corner again of the course stone for 20, then the flat side for 20, then to the white fine stone corner for 20, and finish off with the flat side for another 20. That should put the edge you want on it. These instructions aren't as good as the video that comes with the 204, but I hope it helps.

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Welcome Lonewolfblood,
I agree the 204 is your answer. May take a few cycles as pointed out by PhilL but it will work.
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