Can someone post some pics for me?

Mar 18, 1999
I have some pics of a custom that Rob made. Sadly I no longer own it, but traded it to a friend who was also a good friend of Rob's.
Thanks Ron. Here's a little info on this knife:
This was one of only two of this style made. Rob called it the WSB, Wilderness Survival Bowie. The blade is about 10", 1/4" A2 steel with Micarta scales. These were the predecessors of the recurved SRT survival knife that he made. This came with a really sturdy Kydex lined Cordura sheath that had an extra large pocket on the front that could fit a folder or multitool plus a mini survival kit. Just looking at the pic sure makes me miss her!

The pieces of metal in the pic are of an old horseshoe that had been heated to red hot in the fire. Rob then pounded one of his Nordooh knives through the horseshoe with a club. The edge was damaged, but it could still function as a knife.
Yep it sure is. Eric, who is also in the video, packed it out. He is also the current and very lucky owner of this knife. :)
I need to get some information to my insurance agent so I was wondering what kind of numbers I would be looking at with the WSB.

I still haven't been able to bring myself to actually use the WSB. Doubt if I ever will...

Thank you in advance.


ericstoskopf "at" woodsdrummer "dot com"
Hey Eric, I haven't dropped by here in a while, sorry I didn't see this earlier. I would think the value of that is easily around $2000, if not more. I wish I would have saved the email from Rob telling me about the knife. It was basically a prototype of what would later become his SRT line. It was one of two, and they were both slightly different knives, so it's basically a one of a kind.
Thanks T.

I'm hot and cold on whether or not I should sell her. When the safe is closed...I'm cold. When it's open...I'm hot. Damn virgins.

Nice to hear from you friend.

What about this knife, is it similar to what we're talking about?
Overlord, that looks like one of Rob's early SRT models as well. I remember he had made a couple swords in the line, and that looks like one of them. Also extremely rare, most likely one of a kind in that particular blade shape. I wish I would have saved my emails with Rob, but that was many years (and computers) ago. He had sent me lots of pics of sketches and prototypes he was doing, very cool stuff.

Eric, I know exactly what you mean! That would be a tough decision to make.
This is a knife that I dre up and he made for me. I'm still kicking myself for selling it :( Truly a functional piece of art!
If I had all the great personal experiences that Eric / Woodsdrummer and TKnife had with Rob, I know I would have a very difficult time in letting the special knives you own go, but I can understand your reluctance to keep them as safe queens. Right before Rob's tragic accident I was fortunate enough to acquire an early Nordooh ( like the one you own Eric ) along with an early A2 Aurora that were users. In fact they were on Rob's bench to be refurbished and become what Rob referred to as "ghost" Simonichs because the refurbishing process would lighten his logo. After I got them back, I couldn't decide whether to leave them unused, sell them, or break down since they were already used. I have only ever talked to Rob on the phone, and yet the knives are special to me and can't bring myself to sell them or to use them.

At the same time I acquired an early Talonite Kanji ( still new) that I intended to carry on a regular basis. Again a great design qne user, but it is sitting in my safe along with some other unusual custom Simonichs that I got.

For now I don't see any custom made by Rob being worth any less so I think you still have lots of time to make up your own mind.
If I still had them, I'd use them I think. they were such great designs, and just fun to use.