Can you help me identify this knife?

Jul 16, 2000
I recently purchased a used knife but I'm unable to find any info on the make or model.

it is a liner lock folder overall knife is 7 inches open the handle has a slight curve toward the blade. The blade says "stainless Taiwan"
But here is the kicker
on the handle end closest to the blade there is a fly ornament buuilt into the handle
the fly (or it looks like a fly) has 3 parts to the torso the wings are as long as the torso and two little beady eyes..If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.

Sounds like Master's Knives...

Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus
How much you pay for it?

Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus
Hey thanks for your help.Did you mean a masters of defense knife (still haven't found it there)?
If i can figure out how to post a pic I'll scan it.
P.S. I paid under $20
No, Masters of Defense is a very high end production knife company. Masters Knives generally makes low-end knives and knock offs. They are fairly good knock offs, but still are clones of better knives.

Chang the Asian Janitorial Apparatus
Here is where you can see a pic of the knife: