Cane, textures tips


Mar 8, 1999
Off topic, but came up with two tips of possible use for knife handles?

Needed a cane, and went thru several sticks. Finally took a 7/8ths hardwood stick ( or thereabouts ), got package of 4 rubber chair tips to fit stick at hardware store, and a 2 1/2" diameter pine ball with about a 3/16 blind hole got at a craft shop ( making a gladius will have to wait till I can return to craftshop and get more balls ). Used wood bit, drilled 3/4" hole, 1 1/2" =/- into ball, sanded down stick to fit, epoxied in.

TIP 1) put about 1" diameter stone 1/4" thick tapering to V edge ( lenticular, frisbee, saucer shape ) on drill shank. Leaving top 1/4 of pine ball smooth for weight bearing, went around circumference shoving ball into disc with drill running, leaving a "pine cone" looking texture. Leaves it smooth enough but large enough and deep enough to really hold onto. Would make a good handle texture for a fighting knife. Too rough for a working knife.

TIP 2) underneath the cane's knob took 10 yards of metalicized craft string. The kind with sparkles. Get at Wal-Mart in craft section, etc. Wrap around the shaft tight. Covers about ten inches. Paint with clear spray, saturate. Sparkles give you a sandpaper like texture even after painting for a good grip. Traditionally it's black cotton cord laquered on sword handles is where I got the idea. A cord with a smoother finish would make it more usable on working knives.

Anyway, with a rosewood stain underneath and polyurethane finish on top the whole thing came out kinda pretty. No reason you couldn't use the same ideas on knife handles or swords.

One additional consideration, if made up with hardwood ball and thicker shaft for social occassions. The mark left by the "pine cone"s random texture is unique. Like bite marks. Anyone who takes a good shot from one is going to show the effects a long time. Won't need a lineup to identify them.
Bro had you have put a nice oval or egg shaped rock at the top of the stick you would have advanced about 100 years or so.:p :D

Just tzn.
Actually sounds pretty kewl, it'd be nice if you could post a pic of the top part.:D
I have TWO polished ones ( rocks, that is )just the right size. Do you think I could find either one of them? Of course not. Now that I remember them though, I'm looking.

Otherwise it might have been more than I wanted to know because of what you purchased to go on top of your
stick.:eek: :p :D
I already said the balls were bought for a gladius I haven't gotten to yet!