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Cara Cara or Meadowlark for EDC??

Jan 2, 2007
Hey, All:

So I'm considering getting a Byrd knife. I've looked at a bunch of them and am narrowing down my options to either the Cara Cara or the Meadowlark.

I was wondering which knife you would recommend for EDC??? The Cara Cara looks a little big so I was thinking it might be a reason not to EDC, but maybe I can't really tell by the pics. Anyone EDC the Cara Cara??

The Meadowlark looks nice, but I'd much rather go with the Cara Cara.

The knife would be used for general purpose and SD.


The meadowlark is about an inch shorter closed than the Cara Cara and lighter. Could be more comfortable for EDC.
I have to say I love bigger blades, I carry a Cuda Maxx. You get used to the weight.
I own both the G10 variants and personally I find the meadowlark too small to be very comfortable. If you're just cutting light cardboard and other similar media it's ok, but if I'm doing anything where I need to apply force, I'll take the Cara Cara over the Meadowlark for sure. The meadowlark never fit my hands right, the Cara Cara feels like a glove. Huge difference for me. I have no problem EDCing the Cara Cara, but I'll also carry Buck 110's in my pocket which most people here wouldn't even consider (My byrds are both clipless FYI, I hate clips).

Here's a comparison photo, maybe it will help you decide. I could also measure my hands for you if you really want to get specific about sizing.



If it's legal for you to have a blade that long, I say go for it.

I agree. I work in an office type setting, so seeing a blade that long is menacing to most, so I usually EDC the 'lark. I would say get both - they're well made and inexpensive.
I'd say in addition to legality, there is also a matter of personal preference. I find the size of the Meadowlark to be "just-right" for EDC usage, and it fits my hand very well. The G-10 Meadowlark, despite being rather inexpensive, is one of my favourite knives. For me, the Cara Cara would be a bit large.
hmmmm...thanks for all the pictures and advice.

I'm leaning towards the 'lark now.
I'm also open to other suggestions within the same price range as the Byrds. From what I can tell, Byrd knives are supposed to be some of the best under $30.

Kershaw and Buck both have good offerings in your price range. SAKs are always a good option too. They have one handed opening models with locking blades. If you dig the style and don't mind two-handed opening, Opinels make very nice knives too.
Just bought a partially serrated G10 Meadowlark.

Thanks for all the suggestions/advice.

Knife should be here by the end of the week.

I was just wondering if there were plans for a waved lark or cara in the future?
As far as I know there are no waved Byrds in the works, but you could make a thread in the Spyderco Forum in the manufactuers section.