Carbide Reamers, End Mills, DC Controllers, Tool & More for Sale

Mark Terrell

Jun 23, 2006
I've absolutely got to clear some space in the shop and I've got a bunch of stuff that I got for certain projects that I just simply never used.

Sooooo, I'm clearing it out...

I'd prefer that this stuff goes in lots, but it's not a requisite....

Everything is priced w/o shipping. I'll keep the shipping prices as low as possible, and I'll cover paypal fees.

(NEWLY added stuff is in noted with a blue *New*)

Carbon Fiber Sheets/Pieces

Let me know what size/type of CF you want and I'll see what I've got...

Tools and Tooling

KB Electronics High Capacity Regenerative Drive (Used for a DC Motor Control). (NEW!)

This DC Drive is new, I got it with the intention of using it on my surface grinder conversion but ended up not needing it...

Model: KBRG-225D
Input: 110/220V
Hertz: 50/60
Output: 90Volts /180Volts
Amperage: 16.0
Horsepower Capacity: 0 to 3 HP

Here's the description from KB Controls

The KBRG is a full-wave regenerative control, capable of operating a DC motor (Permanent Magnet or Shunt) in a bidirectional mode. It provides 4-quadrant operation which allows forward and reverse torque in both speed directions. The KBRG contains many standard features, such as: armature and tach feedback, built-in horsepower selection, trimpots for Fwd CL, Rev CL, IR Comp, Response, Max Spd, Offset, Deadband, Fwd Accel, Rev Accel and Timed Current Limit. LED indicators for: Power On, Current Limit, Fwd Enable and Rev Enable. A 5K speed pot is included.

Retail on this thing is 360$+

It doesn't come with a control panel, but you can buy one cheap on Ebay or just get the knobs and controls from KB for about 3-5$ each.

The manual and data sheet is at the link below.. Don't fear, it's really easy to set up and the manuals are easy to follow.


Price on this one 175$

Gast Vacuum Pump (for stabilizing wood, powder coating etc...). (price updated)

This first one is a full setup. It includes the motor, pump etc... With the right canister (not included) I was able to get it to 26 bar (which is more than enough to stabilize almost any wood).

This one works great and I used it for a while before I got a different one that worked a little better for what I was trying to accomplish...

This pump/motor setup probably weighs around 20lbs, so shipping to foreign countries could be pricey, very pricey...

I'll take 150$--->125$---->100$ (price dropped 8/15/2010) delivered for it (in the US, International shipping will be extra).


(price updated)
This next Gast pump is a big one. It's meant to have a 1/2 hp motor on it at minimum and when I used it I got it to 30 bar pressure in a heartbeat before I shut it down (my canister simply didn't need more than that put on it). You can do a heck of a lot with this bad boy.

It's heavy, and it's the pump only.

I'll take 100$--->75$ for it delivered in the US (International is extra).... This one probably weighs in excess of 30 lbs....


On the Gast pumps, it's not just that these are hard to find, they're also very hard to find in good working condition. If you want to stabilize wood or make your own micarta etc... these are simply a must.

Royal Machine Mounts

These are the best mounts I've ever found, but they won't work on my mill. The work great on Bridgeports etc... They have a leveling feature that you can adjust with a wrench, and a neoprene base. They are unused... They also come with the 6 inch posts and the 10 inch posts (extra 25$ from Royal). They were 125$ when I got them, and the posts were 25$. After shipping I think I paid around 165$ or so... I'll take 125$ ----> 100$---->85$ for them. Here's the link to their site....

Pics are below


Taps --- (NEW!)

10-32 - Greenfield, made in the USA all of these retail for around 12.75$ each
all are H.S.S.
all are new
they are 4 flute, normal pitch

I've got 10 of them and would prefer to sell them in lots of no less than 5, but if you're buying more than just taps I'll sell individually.

6$ each, or 50$ for all 10.

They are just like the pic below except they are not coated (shiny).



Carbide Tools and tooling:

End Mills, High Speed Steel – Roughers, Center Cutting, Ti Aln Coated

All Are Hanita End Mills (about the best you can get) and they’re new unless otherwise noted

3/4 inch, 4 flute 18.00$
1 inch, 6 flute 25.00$ (2 of these, price is each)
1 inch, 6 flute 12.50$ (lightly used)
1.5 inch, 6 flute 35.00$ (2 of these, price is each)

Carbide End Mills (new unless noted otherwise)

Garr Brand (very, very good end mills, I use these primarily, they are high helix and sharp).

1/8 Inch, 2 flute (5 of these, 3.00$ each)
3/32 Inch, 2 flute (10 of these, 3.00$ each)
5/32 Inch, 4 flute TiAln Coated (8 of these, 6.00$ each)
5/32 Inch, 4 Flute Ball Nose TiAln Coated (4 of these, 6.00$ each)

SGS brand, another good brand, and I use a lot of these as well and have always been happy with them.

All are ¼ inch and are new, and they’re all TIALN coated unless noted otherwise.

Dual End, 4 flute, 3/8 Shank 8.00$
Dual End, 4 flute, ¼ inch shank 8.00$ (3 of these, price is each)
Single End, 4 flute, ¼ inch shank 6.00$ (6 of these, price is each)
Single End, 4 flute, ¼ inch shank, uncoated 4.00$

3/8 Shank End Mill lot

These are mostly used and some have chips out or broken ends on one side. They are all dual end, but I’ll detail them. I’ll only sell this as a lot, and they’re still very usable. They are also all TIALN coated.

5/32 2 Flute (3 of these)
5/32 2 flute (single end)
15/64, 2 flute, single end
.271, 2 flute
7/32, 2 flute
9/32, 2 flute, ball nose (NEW)
¼ inch dual end, ¼ inch shank

That’s 9 end mills total, solid carbide 30.00$ for the lot.

Reamers, High Speed Steel lot of 43 reamers

Most are very lightly used and still very good to use.

The sizes include 3/16, 5/32, 7/32, ¼, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, ½ and various other sizes.
There are multiples of most sizes. 50.00$ for the lot

Carbide Reamer lot of 94 reamers total, all are new.
Sizes include:

.314 6 flute, .232 4 flute (4 of these), .330 5 flute, .1028 5 flute (18 of these), .1305 4 flute, .2085 4 flute, #70 4 flute (6 of these), .057 Diamond coated ends (7 of these), .2194 5 flute (5 of these), Micro (sizes from #70 to #53, 33 of these), #55 (2 of these), .224 5 flute, .1328 5 flute (14 of these)
Price for the whole lot: 80.00$

Garr Carbide 3 sided engraving bits:
1/8 shank (7 of these) 4.00$ each or 25$ for the lot

Carbide Step drills (Garr Brand):
Step from 1/16 to 1/8 inch, 1/8 inch shank. 4.00$ each or 20.00$ for the lot of 5.

I'll be adding more, I'm just going to have to round up the rest of the stuff....

Email me with any questions ( or p.m. me. Paypal is fine (, but ask me for a shipping quote first...


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