Carbon fiber knife

Apr 5, 2000
I read something about carbon fiber knives in another thread and was wondering how well they perform. Are they actually able to perform some cutting tasks? or are they designed more for stabbing/thrusting? If anything I am tempted to purchase one simply because of the price factor. They all seem cheap enough just to try. Thanks for all your time.
If you do a search on the Knife Reviews and Blade Discussion Forums, you can get alot of info on the topic. Also search for "CS CAT Tanto" or "Delta Dart" and you'll also get relevant information.

To sum it up in general, non-metallic knives made from synthetic fibers can get a workable cutting edge depending on the materials (e.g., G10), but it takes alot of work. Most synth knives are only good as last ditch stabbing implements -- blade geometry becomes the more important factor. Edge holding is extremely poor, dulling after about one good use.

Good things about synth knives? Easy to sharpen (can do it with a nail file), light weight, and won't set off metal detectors.

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