Carbon Fiber Sleeve, Push & Thumb Daggers For Sale

Mark Terrell

Jun 23, 2006
Finally got a bit of this stuff done to my liking and got some half ass decent pics....

There's about 4 different types of Sleeve Daggers ( the Standard ones, the wide standard ones, the tight weave ones and the thumb/lapel/keychain daggers...), and the prices will vary for each. Sorry for the confusion and overload on options, I just kind of started making them and kept coming up with different stuff as I went... The bevels/hollows aren't exactly easy to see on each b/c the CF all blends together on pics....

I'm doing a few pics below, but if you want the full view of them go look here (please note, it's exceptionally hard to get bevel/hollow detail to show up on a all CF surface like this, but they all have very nice hollows and ridge details):


Standard length (wide or narrow, normal F22CF): 75$
Standard length (wide or narrow, tight weave F22CF): 85$
Lapel/Thumb/Keychain (normal CF): 40$
Lapel/Thumb/Keychain (tight weave): 50$
Push Dagger/CF Knife (pictured in 2nd post): 125$
One of 6 inch Sleeve Dagger from Marbled CF: 125$

Prices don't include shipping, but for U.S. orders, I should be able to do the standard priority mail at like 5$ (or whatever it costs), and overseas, check with me first...

On the standard and wide standard SD's:

Their overall length is right around 7 inches (varies,
but close to the same on each). EACH sleeve dagger is quadruple hollow ground and made to have a very stout

On the lapel/thumb/keychain daggers:

It's overall length is right around 4 inches (varies, but close to the same on each). Each one is quadruple hollow ground as well.
Note, these are NOT indestructible, and the tips will round off or roll down, so misuse (stabbing through doors etc..) will not be warrantied.It's meant to be a last resort/personal protection tool..






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Apr 25, 2006
Wow, I have a little Japanese knife like your push daggers and I never knew I could be used like a push dagger until right now. :)