Sold Carbon Steel Wharncliffe Ring Knives

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Good afternoon friends! I had posted these, and they didn't sell before the sale ended. Now that I am in need to raise cash quickly to make up for the death of my belt grinder and the order of a new one, I am posting these again, with price drops to move quickly. Thanks for looking!

These are quite large for their overall weight and thus despite their size would make excellent neck knives for those not daunted by carrying a carbon steel necker. And otherwise, they will make great belt knives in the efficient size for weight category. 15N20 is quite tough, often considered an L6 analog, allowing me to grind these quite thin. It already takes an amazing edge, and holds it fairly well, but at this thinness retention is boosted further, making these very efficient and capable cutters for the overall package size. I think you'll be very pleased you tried one out!

ETA: My belt grinder is working again after some poking around in the wiring, but I still ordered the other as a backup.

Steel: 15N20

Geometry: Full flat

Overall Length: 6 3/4"
Cutting Edge Length: 3 1/4"(the K-tip is 3 1/2")

Weight: 2.4 oz (3.7 with sheath) oz

Handle: Micarta

Sheath: Black Boltaron taco sheath

Price is expired, payable via itemized PayPal invoice, which I will send to your email address. Includes tracked and insured expedited North America shipping. I will ship internationally at buyer's expense. First "I'll take it" with comms gets priority. My email address is in my sig if you turn your phone sideways. Combined shipping saves $15 per extra item.

Thanks for looking!

Knife 1 ("K-tip")

Knife 2
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Additional 25% off each.