Carnage! Or, It happened to Me!

Oct 11, 1998
After collecting and handling knives for many years it finally happened:

I cut myself and it's bleading nicely.

What's the reason you ask.
New knife? Automatic? Freshly sharpened? Drunk?

None of it. The awkward truth is I was pulling a binder out of a shelf with my right hand and holding the other books in the shelf together with my left. When pulling that binder, it made a deep cut in my left thumb with it's first page. Whoever sharpened that page did an excellent job. (Should I take off for the day? Maybe not, just got a raise...)
Grandmaster Estalilla of Kaboran Escrima says...
It is very bad to get hit with a stick, but, it worse to hit yourself.
Karma must have got ya for some nasty letter you wrote.

Don Juvet, Somerset CA

There are some people who should never be given sticks or sharp objects!
Not you, Ralf, you've got a good excuse (this time).

Anyone ever meet one of these folks?

Some potential escrimidors are their own worst enemys. Also, anyone remember trying to learn how to swing those chucks? Swish, swish. oowww, dangit.... examine bruise, continue!
That's exactly why I quit collecting
stamps and started collecting knives!

p.s. Those Beanie Baby tags can get get
pretty sharp too.

Now that I have a firm grip of reality,
I'm going to strangle it.
Knives can only hurt your eyes if looked at TOO closely

must be gettin' late
Take it from a butterfly knife collector, cuts do heal faster with Neosporin.

The nice thing about getting cut with a really good knife is that the cut is usually so clean that it heals quickly. Yours may be a bit messier.

The other trick is to keep it bandaged.

You should always keep a knife in the freezer to use as a cold compress on cuts
And no matter how much you want to do it, DON'T PICK IT!

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