Carnivour or Carnivore?

Oct 4, 1998
OK... which is it?
I was under the impression that they had changed it to the correct spelling (carnivore) after launching the initial campaign with the incorrect spelling.
I asked the people (?... don't know who...) at the REKAT booth at the Blade Show what a carnivour was (I was not aware that it was a misspelling of carnivore and thought it was merely something I was unfamiliar with...) and they acted as if they had already caught a lot of flack because of it.
I have seen it used both ways, both in advertisements and in publication articles.
So what is it officially? Is it a Carnivour (whatever that is) or is it a Carnivore?

Well, it's still Carnivour on the website , and I think Spark built it for them. I don't know how up to date the site is, but this is the first time I have heard that they have received any grief. Are schoolteachers afraid that children will be corrupted intellectually by the 4" razor?


Don't actually know if they've received any grief over it but here's my story...

First I posted on here asking what a Carnivour was. No one knew.
Then I asked the reps at the REKAT booth at the Blade Show, pronouncing carnivour so that the last syllable rhymed with hour or power.... (seriously, that's what I thought).
The response I got was a snappy, "Well, how would YOU spell it?!?!"
I deduced from this respone that I was not the first person to point out the error. I innocently asked, "Well, that depends on what it is you're attempting to spell...". They replied "carnivore". My respones was, "Then I would spell it the correct way" and instructed them as to what that was. They didn't seem too happy.
A while later an article on the knife was featured in Tactical Knives (I think) and was even on the cover. If I'm not mistaken, TK spelled it correctly. I have no idea if their correction of the spelling was to their editor's credit or if REKAT had officially changed the spelling to reflect the correction.

Oh, I see, you gave them grief

It might just be a marketing choice, after all. Most companies take pretty good licence with spelling and grammer until someone gives them a hard time. I recently noticed that Captain Chrunch is now Cap'n Crunch or some such, so maybe Bob didn't want to offend any cougars or wolves.


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All I can say is... get it regardless of how it is spelled!


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