Carnivour or Starmate


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
I am in desperate need of help from my fellow forumites. I have been on a knife buying binge and I am going to buy one more and one more only for quite some time. I have narrowed my choices to two knives. The REKAT Carnivour or the Spyderco Starmate. The knife will be used for mostly tactical carry. I use my Leatherman for utilitarian purposes. They both look like good designs but I cant decide which one is better. Please help me.
IMHO, I'd do the REKAT in an instant. I want a Carnivore too. I have 3 Pioneers and LOVE them. When it comes to Humvee heavy-duty, REKAT rules.
I go with the Carnivour too. (Actually, I "went" since I'm waiting for a replacement from Kansas Tactical.) To be fair, I never handle the Starmate and I like Spyderco. But, the handle of the Carnivour provides a surer grip because it was designed explicitly for a fighting knife, not a "utlity/defensive" knife (i.e compromise). And if the rolling lock is as good as touted, yeah... Carnivour all the way for a tactical.

Get the Starmate. Here is one simple reason. It has a 440V blade. There is no comparison between ats and 440V. If edge holding and corrosin resistance are the most important things on your list the Starmate is the way to go in my mind. If the "kewl" factor is the top choice and you will not be carrying or cutting much with the knife. I have to say the REKAT is the way to go. It is a clear winner in the looks department IMHO. I plan buying both myself.


Tom Carey
I decided on the Carnivour. Sorry Sal

I like the looks of the Starmate and I like the steel, but I am trying to get away from liner locks. In all honesty I will probably eventually own both.