Dec 8, 1999
I got my carnivour today, so I'll give my initial impressions. Before this, the only Carnivour I've handled is a Crawford, so I'll compare it to that.

First off, it's not quite as smooth as the Crawford, but I expected that. The blade grind is also a little uneven, but its nothing that especially bothers me. The Carnivour is no "art knife".

It's the closest you can get to the Crawford Carnivour, and for less than 1/3 the price (I got it for $110 plus shipping from MJS knives) it's damn good. The G-10 handle seems a little more secure than the Micarta handle on the Crawford, but it does not feel as good. Either way, it has the most secure grip of any folder I've ever handled. It is very comfortable as well.

As to the lock, it is the strongest I've ever seen. Feels like a fixed blade. Mine has no wobble or play.

As I said before, it is not as smooth as the Crawford. The grittiness is very noticable when opening using the thumb-stud. However, it is hardly noticable, if at all, when opening by disngaging the rolling lock and flicking the blade out. Opening it that way is FAST. It feels like opening a gravity knife.

Anyway, this is my new favorite defensive ("tactical", if you like) folder. It's new home is in my right front pocket. Anyone who lives in a State where CCW is illegal or discretionary and is looking for new carry knife should check it out. I'd probably carry it as backup even if I could carry a pistol where I live.
I agree!! I love my Carny for defensive carry. It's a brute! And you're right about flicking it out when you slide the lock release forward-lightning fast! I did some light dremel work to the G10 and the liners where the finger cut-out is to smooth the corners a little. The grip is now very comfortable, and rock solid. I keep comparing the shape and outline to pic's of the Crawford Carny, and am trying to "morph" mine with the dremel. It's a fantastic knife, and nudges my CQC7 out of first place when it comes to favorite tactical folders.
Its no secret that I love my Carnivores. I keep going back to it for my defensive back-up. Great knife. I love the stonewash finish, it really hides those scratches. This knife is a must have for anyone looking for a defensive folder.

Dennis Bible

I agree with your assessment on micarta vs. G10 scales.

I'm looking to have the micarta scales on my Crawford KFFs gun checkered to give them more grip while retaining the nicer feel.

I'm also considering ordering a Crawford Carnivour. Love that Rolling Lock.

Did you have any trouble with the blade rebounding back when doing the slide bar openings? I find that you have to be very quick to release the slide bar or the blade will rebound.


Yes, sometimes I have a problem with it rebounding, but not much. When I do the slide bar opening, I flick my wrist fairly lightly, much lighter than when doing a regular inertia opening on other knives.

Of course, if you flick your wrist too lightly, it may not open correctly. It's fun to mess around with, so its easy to practice. I've only had the knife one day and can do the slide bar opening very reliably.