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Carpet Cutting Test (Busse and Spyderco)


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Oct 14, 1998
Hi, from time to time I've had to cut a lot of carpet into small sections. Naturally, I've used the opportunity to test some knives.

Basically I cut at least 20' of carpet or more for about an hour. The first test was early this year using the Spyderco Military 440 V and the Spyderco Stainless Delica both plain edge. Both did very well though the Military's long handle provided better leverage. Surprisingly, the belly towards the front didn't matter in cutting as the blade closest to my finger. The liner lock was abrasive on bare hands and caught a little bit on thin gloves. The Military cut rough but a session on the Sharpmaker brought it back to very sharp.

Ever since then I decided to go and buy a fixed blade, reserving it for hard tasks. Carpet Test #2 featured the Busse Basic #3 and the Delica from Test #1.

The Delica cut the 'quickest', that is anybody could pick it up and get to work. That thin edge and pointy tip are great, however sometimes, sometimes I accidentally pushed the lock release with my thumb sliding. I didn't sweat or anything, I unconsciously was trying a better grip.
Toward the last half hour, cutting ability was a little slower.

The Busse aka "Jerry's Whittler" was interesting. First it was a bit cumbersome as I had to saw through carpet. However, I found a better technique. Which was to saw, then hold a section down and drag/wiggle slightly the belly down towards me. The point really didn't matter, the handle was doing okay (no blisters). When I got the proper technique down, I could cut a 3ft section of carpet as fast as the Delica.

In the end, the Delica got it's edge back after a few swipes on the Double Stuff. The Basic 3 sliced a bit rough but push cuts were okay, the coating near the blade was scuffed up a bit on both sides and was covered in a lot of dust. Some slight swipes on the Double Stuff but it back into a good edge.

I admit while using the #3, I had visions of going back to the #5 for some leverage. I feel that you shouldn't have to use a special technique to cut. I bring up this test for the reason of endurance. There are plenty of more abusive tests but I figure a guy knife should be allow you/help you cut all day efficiently.

Try this test with a Harpy - I had wonderful fun with that.
I know - Carpet is not a throat - but the Harpy still worked just fine.

Also an M-2 Mini AFCK just rocked on Carpet.