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Carry methods for big choppers

Oct 4, 1998
I recently got a EDMF Trench bowie with a 12" blade. It came with a very sturdy belt sheath but I`ve found that when carried on my weak side it`s a bit hard to get at the handle and on the strong side the blade`s too long to get it out of the sheath. What`s the most practical way to carry a monster sheath knife? Dundee rig,over the shoulder,dropped sheath,cross draw? Opinions welcome. Marcus
I'm working on the same problem.

What I'm trying to have built for my 9" range Outsider is a new setup in .090 Kydex whereby the tip is seated but the blade "rolls in" with one edge length of the sheath completely cut away. Retention is by Kydex across the grip at the guard area plus a secondary snap needed mainly because I'm a biker - ordinary use won't need the snap.

So...instead of drawing straight up for twelve inches, you pop the grip sideways and draw the tip upwards one inch, at which point you're clear.

This can *only* work with Kydex or the similar Concealex. I've EMailed a blueprint of the sheath to Spark so you can see what I mean. The other thing I'm contemplating is, instead of a belt loop at a fixed point just do lots of laceholes and tie it with paracord or leather lace to the belt in whatever position you want, vertical, upside-down or horizontal and at whatever vertical level you want. You could also lace it to any width belt and the bulge should be less than a Kydex molded loop.

Jim March

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Great idea Jim! Kinda like an open front belt holster. Also cool idea about lacing the sheath on with paracord,with a little imagination it should adapt to all sorts of unconventional carry positions too. Where`s a good source for kydex or concealex? I`ve been into leather working(holsters etc.) for some time but I`ve always wanted to try my hand at synthetics. Marcus
This sounds like it'd also work for large khukuris too like my 15" HI Ang Khola! Looking forward to scoping out your design!

Bob, I'm not 100% sure a single layer of .090 Kydex could be trusted to hold something as heavy as your 15" HI in 3/8ths stock.

Now...maybe TWO layers right around the retention point at the grip might work. Might be a bit stiff though.


Yeah that puppy weighs over 1.5 lbs. The concealex would have to be multi-layer to support it.

I'm interested in the "break open" concept of your design. Seems I remember Cold Steel or someone else doing that in ballstic nylon for a big chopper or americanized khuri some years ago.