carry the Hest at work??

Feb 13, 2010
So I am 20 and a basically work at a burger joint where I stand in front of a grill and fryers all day and it gets to be over 100 degrees most days. I have had bad luck with other blades at work, such as th zt 0350 ss liners began rusting. I am nervous to bring my hest to work but I love it so much I hate leaving it at home. Should I take it or leave it? I would rather not take a risk so unless your sure it will be fine I will probably leave it.
Also Im in good shape and I dont sweat rediculously so thats it. Love knives.
You know I also EDC a ZT 0350 a few days a week and put mine through hell, with not one issue. I'm pretty sure the liners aren't SS but Titanium, which should not rust at all. I work in the homebuilding industry and my blade gets put through a lot and a lot of moisture throughout the winter. I would contact ZT and speak with them about the liners rusting, they may replace them for you. I've dealt with them in the past and they are really good in customer service. For the HEST, that might not be the right blade to sport at a burger joint. I really would wait till December and pick up the HEST folder which will be bombproof, for the most part.
Not to hit on anyone but titanium can rust even in it's purest form. It just shouldn't rust as easy as it did. Definitely contact ZT.
Also depending on the alloys used with it some properties can change, but all in all it has great corrosion resistance (still salt water can become a bit of a problem).
Carry it. Most of the blade is coated, so rust won't be an issue there. And just wipe down the edge with a Tuff cloth or some good rust inhibitor. It'll be fine. If you do notice a spot a couple swipes on a strop will clean it right up.
I'd say "carry it" too. I like mine horizontal on my belt with a strong side draw.

If you do carry it, and then get to using'll be amazed at how useful those built in options are!
leave it at home...or dip it in the fryer once in awhile to get a protective coating of oil on it :p
Take it. If you're worry about rust give it a once-over with a silicone rag.
"Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. For you can't feel a battle in your bones, or see a coming war..."
Though a battle or a war may not be an everyday risk, all of us are prone to adverse situations. If you're really that concerned, buy an Imperial Sodbuster for 5 dollars. You'll have a disposable, reliable cutting tool that you can use as a work knife.
Ok I think you convinced me to carry it at work haha. The reason being the hest is my baby And it literally is killing me slowly leaving it at home everyday for 8-12 hours. It's like holding my breath for 8-10 hours. So new question I have a tru-cloth or tuf-cloth w/e it is my dealer recomended it, how often should I coat the blade? Once a day? Week? Month? So if I carry it at work I will be using it to cut cardboard and most nights I will do some whittling/batoning fun dirty business. That should be eveything
Use it as is. It won't fall apart on you. That's what they are made for. Eventually you'll get wear marks, scratches, dings, rust whatever. They won't affect the knife one iota. Its like getting the first scratch on a new car. Use it, enjoy it and don't worry about it so much. In answer to your question, give 'er a wipe with the tuf-cloth every few days or whenever you remember:D
I've never noticed it build up at all, so I doubt treating it every day would be a big deal. I'd imagine every 3-4 days would be plenty. Just make sure to focus on the exposed spots, IE the engravings on the blade and the edge. It'll be fine, that knife was built to take a beating.

I don't hold back at all on mine... that's why I bought it. It sure did look pretty from the factory, but what good is a badass looking knife if it never gets used?
I'd say take it!! Just make sure its concealed good or someone may pass out once they see MR. DP on it..

If your really worried about it rusting, just wipe it down with Mineral oil before you go to work, its even eatable so when your boss is giving you a hard time you can whip it out and use it for food prep... :D
Take it. Wear it. It's a tool. A good tool, but still a tool. It may rust a little. Give it a couple of swipes on a stone or ceramic, if it dulled the edge at all. But use it. That is what it was made for. And made WELL for.
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Take it with you and get it dirty.

Nothing untoward will happen to it. I'm in excellent shape and sweat stuff which corrodes chrome plating, literally. I still just carry these IWB and don't worry about it.

This is/ was my favorite RC3 (which I just killed) - it was carried IWB while I ran, while wearing a suit, while painting/ renovating, never while swimming, but I dripped enough on it at times that the knife may as well have been immersed in a salt bath.

The flats are just cosmetic anyway, and the red at the tip was where the black paint flaked off under it's first heavy use. Clean it with naptha now and again, then maybe some chapstick or MD Labs XF7 on the blade, Wesson oil, whatever. As long as it's sharp it will do what you want it to.


I think he means steel. There are some rust proof materials out there like talonite, stellite, boye dendritic cobalt, H1 etc. They are not necessarily the best when it comes to cutting performance but they are corrosion proof short of using some industrial chemicals afaik. The first 3 are super expensive though. From what I understand they are not technically steels because their makeup is very different.
The fact of the matter is that the H•E•S•T won't be affected at all by remaining with you at work. It's a beast of a knife and will hold up just fine even in semi-moist environments. I take mine fishing all the time. Additionally, I don't really suspect that your other blade rusted due to work-related aerosolized fryer grease exposure. It's more likely getting a bit of corrosion from your body sweat or airborne moisture. That being said, any such corrosion on an ESEE blade will likely only be superficial and cosmetic if the blade is properly cleaned and oiled regularly.

But the real issue for me is that a 20 year old bringing a H•E•S•T into work at a burger joint is just asking for trouble one way or another. Ever heard the Cash song "Don't Take Your Guns to Town?" The ZT seems a bit overkill to me as well, but I'm not a big fan of recurves, or ZT knives for that matter, so I'm biased.

Anyways, I don't mean to sound like your dad, but it doesn't make much sense to bring the H•E•S•T to a part-time burger joint, unless that's some monster damn burger you're flipping!

I recommend a solid pocket knife like any one of these:

They are stout as hell, durable, fit nicely in the pocket, will get scary sharp, and will serve 99% of your needs at your current job. Do what you want, but leave the H•E•S•T in the truck or at home - just my opinion.

The last thing you want is some jackass kid or dope head grabbing your knife from you while you're busy working in the fryer or something and doing something stupid with it.