Carrying in dress pants

Apr 8, 1999
How do you carry in dress pants with the slanted pockets? The knife ends up in the bottom, horizontal and feels like hell. Any tips?
I use the pocket clip on my AFCK and its not a problem. Stays right where its supposed to. If you don't have a clip (or don't want to use it) and have dress pants with an internal 'change pocket,' try dropping the tip of the knife into that. It might help keep it in place.

Just say you're happy to see whoever comments on the odd bulge. Odds are they will not ask again.


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If the slant is really extreme and secure carry is compromised, go to the waistband.
In fact when I'm wearing slacks and want to carry two knives in a low key fashion, I'll keep one(usually the smaller) in the pocket and slip one in the waistband and my shirt will fall over what little is showing of the handle and if you wear a belt, the clip can hide behind it.
Hope that helps.

The perfect little gentlemans knife complete with pocket clip?
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I agree with Ken that in dress trousers IWB is the way to go.

Because of the, usually, thinner material a knife that does not have a low profile clip conceal's much better that one with a clip right on the end of the scale.

I guess it is because the pivot point on your waist band is much lower and so the handle of the knife does not stick out of the material so much and you dont get an odd bulge where one should not be

This sounds all mixed up but the easiest way to explain is to try it yourself.

eg my Military rides much better in dress trousers than my AFCK because of the clip placement.

It also helps if you have a bit of spare flab for the top of the handle to sink into over your trousers waist band

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Some pants have a partition in the main pocket for change(not a change pocket like on a pair of Levi's). It would seem easy enough to sew a partition into the pocket so that a knife would slide into it and remain verticle. If that does not work try adding a small inner pocket. Either of these tasks could easily be accomplished without a sewing machine since the result will be hidden and neatness wont count. Pocket clips are nice but they are a dead give a way to sharp eyes.
Have you tried to carry the knife in your rear pockets?? Does the knife have a clip?? On sundays I carry my knife in the rear pocket. I have my church knife clipped in my inside suit pocket, and another knife laying in the bottom of my left pocket on the front of my suit.
what a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?

Thanks for the tip.

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I wear dress slacks most days and I don't like the look of the clip hanging over my slacks. Also, because of my rather large thighs, I always have to have pleated legs, so the front of the pocket tends to hang down with the weight of the knife when it's clipped on the lip of the pocket.

As you point out, the knife tends to ride horizontally across the bottom of the pocket. This makes a rather unattractive bulge, is unfortable, and also makes wear marks on the front of the fabric if you do it all day everyday.

I also like to keep my knife separate from other stuff that might be in my pocket, and I like to keep it where I can get to it quickly if needed.

I have several pairs with the internal change pocket and it works wonderfully. But, those are expensive, dry-clean-only pants. Cheaper, wash-and-wears don't tend to have that. So, I just add it in myself.

It's a sewing task, yes, and I'm no tailor, but fortunately, since it's inside your pocket, nobody ever sees it. So, it doesn't have to look good, just be functional. I get the material by just cutting the pockets out of worn out pants that I'm throwing away.

I carry in the waist band, back near the kidney. I clip the knife right next to a belt loop. It is very comfortable back there standing or sitting. Its not very noticeable next to the belt loop, with a belt going over it. If I'm really paranoid, I'll pull out a tiny bit of the shirt and let it hang over the top of the clip (and pivot or butt of the knife). It's totally unnoticeable there -- and I know, I've been carrying this way for years and no one has ever pointed it out.

Hi all,

I wear a suit to work, so I clip blade to waste band and shield it with my beeper.
Also I blouse my shirt slightly, as stated above.

I wear dress pants with the slanted pockets and don't have any probs with my Carson M16 or Lg Sebanza.

I do like the looks of those pocket clips that are at an angle like RJ Martin put on his Q30. Anybody have any feed back on that clip design?

Lenny Magill markets an inside the pocket holster for knives that is fantastic for dress pant carry. You can see this holster in the video: "ADVANCED FOLDING KNIFE TECHNIQUES The Power Of The Blade!" I believe has the information on this product.
Thin dress pants print even with the smallest of folders in a pocket. I prefer IWB behind the hipbone. If you are wearing a tie a Gigand Guardian neck knife under the shirt with 2 buttons left unbuttoned is invisible under the tie. It's also very quick to retrieve.
I tried the IWB this week. It was fine when I carried my Calypso Jr. On Friday I carried an old style Endura and the rounded end dug into my side so I moved it to the back pocket. IWB seems like the way to go though. I'll just have to experiment a little more.


I like waistband carry, but I usually opt for front side, behind the belt, just left of the first left side belt loop (I am left handed). I have found this works great with tip down carry and the pinch draw. It does not work so hot with tip up carry requiring more hand behind the belt and in the waistband. I must try the back side waistband carry.

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I carry my folder clipped IWB, near the kidney and behind the belt loop slanted almost horizontally. Previously, I shield the clip with my beeper but later realized that this will just hinder a fast draw of my folder in an emergency.

Here in the Philippines when you enter public places (malls, moviehouses, banks, casinos, etc.), security guards scan you with metal detectors and/or frisk you with their hands looking for weapons. I guess I've been lucky for the past few years with nobody detecting my knife!