Carrying small knives. Do you?

Aug 15, 2000
Hello., My tastes have somewhat migrated lately, and I've started to appreciate the utility of smaller knives. Before about 4 months ago, I wouldn't think of carrying anything under 3.5". Now I have begun realize, that these don't weigh your pants down as much (I rarely wear a belt), My regular carry for the past month has been a Calypso jr. And I've started to carry Pearl canoe. The small size of these knives gives you more control and better leverage when you need it.
Has anyone else migrated to smaller blades after being overburdened by larger ones?

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Have the same feel too now the Compadre from Mike Snody is my daily carry. 3 1/4" blade, OAL 7". Small but good enough for the daily job. Just put it into my pocket of pants. But always have one bigger knife in the backpack.
I've learned to appreciate some of the smaller ones too.

My current favorite is the WH Evolution Series with it's neat leather sheath with the built-in clip. It's effortless to carry and always there if you need it.

Nope. In fact I have gone a bit bigger. I was keeping things around 3.5 and 4.0. That was until MADD MAXX arrived. Now I carry a 5.5! Even when I give MM a rest I have a large Crawford Wortac (4.0"), Carson Mdl 4 (4.0"), or A Crawford Falcon (4.0"). Also usually carry a MT Halo III which also has a 4.0" blade. I have found that I go from large to small back to large. This has occured over the past 10 years.

One thing I always have is a small multi blade folder in my left front pocket. Currently it is a Spyderco Dyad (small).
There are VERY FEW people I will hand a Crawford, Carson, or Ralph too for anything!

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I now carry a 812M2 for work after a couple of... 'bad' reactions to my old 800M2. Even my boss was a little...'scared!' of my Military! Thus the biger blades are out and the Mini AFCK is in!

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I've found 3" (+/-) work best for me. They're just easier to carry, and seem to be plenty for what i typically require my knives to do on a daily basis.

Some of the larger stuff is kinda cool, but still a bit much for me. Again, everyone's definition of large or small, too much or too little is going to vary anyway.

Heck- I'm still amazed that some people have commented that the Benchmade 940 Osborne makes a good "shirt pocket knife". Huh?!?!


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Strangely yes. I went from A LCC to a spyderco dragonfly. I have finally settled on a small sebenza.

The first knife was probably used to cut stuff.
knifenerd said: "My current favorite is the WH Evolution Series with it's neat leather sheath with the built-in clip. It's effortless to carry and always there if you need it."

Couldn't agree more. It's in its clipcase and clipped to my right front pocket everyday. Just the right size and you barely know it's there.


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My three EDC knives all have a blade length of 3", I don't really need more knife than that.
The knife that I wear everywhere but the shower is a Mini-puukko, that I wear in memory of James Mattis. It's 2 3/4" OAL, it's handy as a neck knife and practical for most things I need a knife for.

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Over the past several years, I transitioned from an el-cheapo Taiwan-made 4" liner lock, to a slight less cheapo ~3.3" Fury liner lock, to the 3.4" BM 940, to the < 3" Calypso Jr. So, I guess I have been progressing to the somewhat smaller blades as well. And more expensive too!

The Calypso Jr. is the knife I am most comfortable using in public (not counting my SAK). Due to the Calypso's smaller blade, it is definitely a somewhat less useful than the BM 940, but meets most of my needs. In my office environment, the BM 940 will sometimes get some looks, but the Calypso Jr, does not. With its green finish, I have heard someone call the BM 940 a "military-looking knife". Funny that the black knives do not seem to get the same reaction. At home, the BM 940 is more useful for cutting up food in the kitchen or for a quick cut out at the barbeque. I guess the apples that I buy are just a little to big for my Calypso Jr!



Right now I'm carrying a Sean Perkins Gryfen, Chris Hatin neck knife (that I bought today!), and a Spyderco Gunting. All under three inches. Though I admit to liking the big blades too - just bought a Busse Battle Mistress.
I do a periodic small carry of a small Sebenza (LDC-109). Awesome knife !

Will also find in my pocket a Kershaw Double Cross (Oal: 6” and closed length: 3.5”. 2 blades ~ #1 Drop Point 2 3/8” and #2 Wharncliffe 1 7/8”)... Very fine and super sharp little carry!
Something in the 3" range has long been my favorite carry. My carry rotation consists of the Spyderco Native, Delica, and Calypso Jr. lightweights.

I prefer smaller folders for normal chores. Larger blades juts lack the precision to easily do most of the common tasks that I ask of a blade. For this reason, I now carry a Camillus EDC in my pocket. It has the perfect size blade for everyday stuff.
I didn't 'migrate' to small knives, I just never liked the large ones.

I just checked and none of my knives has a blade longer than 3.5 inches...even the fixed blades.

I'm curious, you guys who've downsized: Do you have less of a self-defense outlook than you did in the past? To me, it is pretty clear that length of a knife in a combat situation is significant. Are you by and large skilled martial artists?

Please help me understand this. While I've carried a slip joint or my LST constantly from age 5 until my new-found interest in knives, I think that my carrying of a KaBar for 19 mos has a lot to do with my ideas about size in a knife.


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While I'm normally a fan of larger knives, one of my favorites is the stainless Spyderco Dragonfly which accompanied my small Sebenza (which is also rather small by my standards) to church today.
The Dragonfly is where I draw the line-don't care for "itty-bitty" knives, personally.
I've been hovering around the 3"-3.5" mark for my folders for a long time. The majority of my fixed blades are 6" or longer. The one constant I've always carried was a locking 3" SAK and all my daily carries are folders also around that same length.

I'm far from a skilled martial artist though I try to keep in training. Self-defense using a knife has not been my primary defense method as I prefer to use sticks or bare-hands. I guess that as a result, I carry knives more for utility purposes, though I do have at least one fighter as part of my daily carry.
When not at work I sometimes carry a Mirage, M-16, Native or a Dragonfly. I almost always have a med. stockman on me. RKBA!