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Carson folders compared to Sebenza

First let me say that I am currently and have been for about 3 years now a CRK dealer. I am not and have never been a dealer for Kit Carson.

I have 2 model 4's on order with Kit. What more can I say? I am also the proud owner of a Model 4 auto

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p.s. I personally find the new 'classic' Sebenza pick of the litter from CRK
Thanks for all the info, it gives me a lot of confidence in buying. I already knew they were good, but this is an overwhelming "thumbs up". Hope Mr. Carson has the pleasure of seeing this post full of satisfied customers.
Well, all the positive comments led me to take a Carson large Model 4 on trade for one of my knives. Excellent knife. And big. I've owned a number of customs and I'm real impressed with this one. Needed a smaller one to get through airports, however, so I purchased a small Carson M16 through KnifeArt and in doing so, found what I believe to be my ideal carry folder. 3 1/2" 440V, light, slim, strong, tip down deep pocket carry. Carson obviously designed this knife with specific goals in mind and produced a fantastic knife. Finally found a real keeper! Thanks to all who pointed me in this direction

You didn't go wrong with either of those purchases. As I said before Kits knives are outstanding and are built by a man who knows what he is doing! BTW I just purchased a new 'Benza. Chris Reeve also knows what he is doing!

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I agree 100%. Many knife designs seem to have no real purpose. Seems like the maker is just looking to come up with something new or design it strictly for eye appeal. When I look at a custom knife, I'm always looking for the reason behind the design. Kit has designed these knives with practicality in mind, which also lends a special eye appeal when someone like me looks at them. I like the M4 a lot and can honestly say I've never had a knife I like better than this Model 16. That includes folders I've spent $1000 and more on. It's because this knife just plain makes sense.