Carson Knives M-16

Jun 7, 1999
Review on Carson M-16 (small, 3.5 in. blade):

Scales: Titanium (machined and drilled-out)

Blade: Stellite

Action: Liner lock, with ambidextrous thumb buttons.

With three months of daily use the Carson "M-16" is going strong...Had the knife with me on a prolonged business trip to Europe (2 months, carried in pocket all-day, every day). The "Stellite" blade holds it's edge remarkably well, has a nice heft to it and feels good and confident when bearing down on difficult to cut materials such as laminates and elastomeric materials. Also, the knife can easily handle precise cutting maneuvers such as whittling and carving. Have been using the knife for work; cardboard cutting, camp chores, daily hacking!

This knife is a "Bolt-together" design and has not required any retightening of any of the screws, even those of the pocket clip!

Blade action (opening/closeing)silky smooth, thus far no blade play (side to side / up-down).
The "Stellite" shows no signs of oxidization, or for that matter,there is no oxidization anywhere on unit...Have had knives with other blade alloys develop rust and subsiquent pitting during jungle outings in South America.

The slim profile and nicely radiused edges around the knife's perimeter make for a comfortable carry, an added benefit to the smooth finish is no harsh edges to chafe and otherwise wear holes in clothing!

Have owned lots of production folders and have to say that some are excellent pieces, but this custom knife makes the statement that time and attention to design & detail make the better product! I would go as far as to say that this knife puts an end to my search for the perfect carry-knife...I'm set

Just for the record: I make my living as a professional designer and product tester, currently on contract with several companies.
I spend approximately 25 percent of my annual work hours in the field, thrashing and evaluating equipment!

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Jeff Wemmer
Odessa, TX
Really great review. But how can the rest of us become your business partners! Sounds like you get paid to do what I can only do on weekends
Take care.

Great review. I just got mine last Thursday.
Thanks for validating my good judgement.

Feel free to take a look at my early review which I posted last week at:


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