Carson Knives New Ad Campaign

Oct 1, 1999
Most everyone knows Kit Carson's work and his face is familiar from Advertisements of his production collaborations, but you never see any ads from Carson Knives. I approached Kit with the hope of letting me handle an Ad Campaign for him? Kit gave me the go ahead with full confidence and an enthusiastic, "Knock yourself out!" After months of layouts and market research this is what I submitted for Kit's approval with the hope of taking this campaign worldwide. I mean Billboards, magazines, TV spots, etc. I had some big plans. Kit's response, "I think that's enough."

Hey, this aint fair! Kit's already the most well known grey turd making bastid on the planet and now he has his own billboard?? :D
Lmao Phil, outstanding!!!!
Phil, I see you used the small model 4. :p

Great work, Phil! I love it! Why no TV commercials?? Knowing Kit, he can afford a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl :D :D
Guys, i would appreciate it if you would not encourage him.

The left edge of that shot is my front yard and the billboard faces my house. Having to see that in the morning is almost as bad as having to look in the mirror. :D

Great job Phil. Thanks!
I would love to see what kind of commercial you could come up with.
<font color=blue>Isn't there a "rule of thumb" in advertising that states, "Location, Location, Location. . .". . .?</font> :confused:

<font color=red>Whew. . . . That's some location !</font>.

Wonder how many knives that Kit will be able to sell with Phil handling his "ad campaign?" ;)
Hey GigOne, my house happens to see a lot of traffic. See all those ruts and tire marks.;)
If I'm not mistaken, that is Interstate 65, exit 91, Elizabethtown, KY, where I turn off the main road and head for the house on the hill, in the woods.
I think I better take the 5th on that. :D
That ain't no "weed" in the field to the right !

That's just regular plano "weeds ! ! !" :D
You know you're in Redneckville when......

KIDDING! Like I said in Chat, way to go Phil. Your handle says "will work for knives" So, did Kit give you a Hoem Shopping Network 75 liner locks for $75 special for your effort?? :)
They still have that nice "improved" Arkansas style road on the way to Kit's house I see. :D


Tom Carey