CAS Iberia Starship

Eric Isaacson

Dec 19, 1999
I am interested in purchasing a CAS Iberia Starship and would like information from anyone that has one or has handled them. Especially relating to the opening mechanism. Also any ideas where one can be ordered online.
I handled one at the Blade Show this year. Nifty design, just be careful closing it, since it is a dagger. My friend almost pushed it closed using the blade edge. The opening mechanism is just pushing one side of the blade and rotating it (I think). Once you look at it, you wonder why you didn't think of it. They are supposed to be here:
Hope this helps.


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There's one for sale today under "Knives For Sale"/ Jim O'Young on the Forum Knife Exchange (Individual). I believe he is asking $110.

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Not anymore. I bought it. There is an article in either the January 2000 or February 2000 issue of Blade Magazine that includes some information on the Starship. If I can find it, I'll see if I can't write what they had to say about it. If I can't find it, I'll tell you what I think once I get mine from Jim.

Well, I got the Cas Iberia Starship yesterday. It is definitely a neat little thing. It comes in a wooden case with some lock oil. Basically, it looks like this HTTP://
To open it, you push on one side of the blade and rotate it out. Closing is the same in the opposite direction. The blade is pointy, but dull as a stump. The action is not very smooth - there is a lot of friction when rotating the blade in and out.
The lock, while interesting in design is somewhat unsecure. I can hold the blade with two fingers and putting a little torque on it and the lock will disengage. Being that the Starship is a dagger and probably meant to be thrust into something, the chance that you excert a little torque while the blade is entering or exiting said object is likely, this could lead to a big surprise on a follow-up stab.
For me personally, I'm glad to have this knife in my collection, but it will definitely not make my daily carry list. But it's a nice conversation piece.

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