Case/Bose Sowbelly

I have not purchasedone, but reading between the lines, it seems as if Case is just using the Bose name to boost sales without any concrete participation by Tony. I have both of the previous folders and was not impressed. One knife had to go back to Case for refinishing, it was so bad.
I've got one on order as we speak.

Cranberry w/silver script.
She looks super sweet.

I too was also wondering about Tony Bose's involvement with this knife. It was not very clearly defined by Case.

Any additional info would be welcomed.

--The Raptor--
I've seen some retailers putting prices on them now and it would suggest to me that Tony Bose is not very involved with these.
I think that they are probably ordinary quality Case XX knives and are using his name to boost sales. They do suggest that this is another $350 knife on their site, but the prices I've seen are way lower.
It is a nice pattern though, and probably worth an ordinary Case XX price.
Well, they are made with ATS-34 steel. That makes a big difference to me!!!!. And as far as I know, Case has never otherwise used this steel in there knives.