Case Chrome Vanadium

Dec 13, 2000
Has anyone else had a rust problem with Case chrome vanadium blades? I didn't carry my three blade stockman at all and after having it sit in my room for a year there were rust spots all over it. Is this really supposed to happen? I didn't keep it regularly oiled but I also have had a CS Culloden with a Carbon V blade (which to my knowledge is known as a steel with very poor rust resistance) sitting in my room for a longer time and that has not rusted at all. I have only given the Culloden minimal care.
I have carbon steel blades from a number of makers, and the Case chrome-vanadium doesn't seem to be significantly more prone to rust. It does rust a little more easily than most of my blades but I wouldn't classify it as a really bad one.

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Case uses a Stainless and Chrome vanadium for its blades. Eachnof current production has iether SS or CV stamped on the tang. Case specifically says that the CV must be protected from rust