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Case Folder Advice

Aug 31, 2000
I'm interested in a traditional folder from Case, 3.5" or less closed, with bone scales. I'm planning on ordering from Dantes Knifeworks, with money order. I was mainly curious, what type of bone (chestnut or natural) wears best, and what sort of steel I should go with. Chrome Vanadium or "Tru-sharp surgical stainless"? at the risk of presenting too much information, i'm thinking of the minitrapper, in chestnut and stainless, or the minicopperhead with the wharnecliff master blade in natural bone and stainless. any input would be appreciated...
Unless I'm mistaken, or you have some kind of insider connection to get a custom Case, most of those handle options you mention come only with the Tru-Sharp Stainless. I think the only Case's that have the CV steel are the yellow "composition" (plastic?) handles, and a few chestnut bone models.

I just went through a couple of days of looking for information on Case knife steel, and from what I can gather, the Tru-Sharp is essentially (or exactly?) 420HC steel, like Buck's. As for chrome-vanadium, I've heard 1095 with some kind of coating (like chrome on a car???). I've also heard O1 from someone.

I just picked up a medium stockman in Vintage Stag, and am waiting on another medium in chestnut bone and CV.

I really like the chrome-vanadium steel, it holds a good edge and is very easy to sharpen. It is available in half a dozen chestnut bone patterns as well as a number of yellow composition patterns. I have never tried Case's stainless.

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