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Case Knife Patterns

Jun 21, 1999
I am familiar with the "Canoe" pattern, but was curious about the Case "Copperhead" pattern. What is(are) the distinguishing feature(s)? Additionally, I have my Dad's old 52033 (small pen), a pattern that I can not seem to find in current production knives. I found plenty of 33 patterns, but no 033's. Is there a difference in the 33's and the 033's. If not, why is the 0 in my knife's part number.

The "0" before the "33" typically means there was a slight variation to the normal "33" pattern. That seems to be a consensus in a few books that I have read.

The Copperhead or "49" pattern is 3 15/16" long and the pivot end bolster is not symmetrical there is a slight bulge on the front part of the bolster.

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