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Mar 29, 1999
Hello, I redcently purchased a case folding knife, and before it gets here I waned to see if anybody out there has had any experence with one? What did you think of it? Would you get another? Is it as good quality as they claim?
I have a Case Copperlock with red bone handles.The quality of the knife is very impressive.Fit and finish are also excellent.My copperlock came with a real nice edge.I highly recommend Case knives.I plan on getting two more copperlocks with different handles,maybe one in stag and the other in greenbone.Well anyway I'm sure you'll be very pleased with your Case.Later,RS
I have afew case slip joint knives and they are well made of reasonably good materials. The steel is only 420 but it holds it's edge better than an SAK.
I own several Case knives, all except one are slipjoints. I have more of the "Pocketworn" models (3) than others. I really like them. On some models, though, I found it's good to personally inspect 2 or 3 of the same, as sometimes the fit is not the same. I once had to exchange a bone-handled trapper for another of the same after realizing the blades were WAY too hard to pull out (broken thumbnails).

But overall, I think Case makes some of the most beautiful slipjoints of any manufacturer, and they're functional, too. All my blades are "Tru-Sharp surgical stainless," but do seem to keep a sharp edge for a long time.
Lets put it this way,Case was hear way before i was born and they will be hear long after im gone.I own many Case knives,mostly latter model Trappers.You cant beat them for the price.Also they are great knives to pass on to the young ones when they are mature enough.


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The only complaint I have with Case is that the shields are glued on instead of being pinned on. I have had to re-glue more than a few. If they start to pin the shields back on their knives I would start to buy them again. The shield issue is my only peeve with Case, overall very nice knives.

Has anyone else noticed the new Case knife that's on the inside back cover of Blade magazine? It's a collaboration with Tony Bose of a 2 blade penknife with ATS-34 steel. It looks great and has a good blade steel too. It's the first Case that I'm really excited about. The only thing is that it says that there is only going to be 1000 made. I'm betting that even if you can find one, it's going to be pretty expensive. But maybe this will be the first step in getting traditional pocketknives with modern steels in the market.

If you're a pocket knife collector, Case sort of rules the roost (at least in numbers of knives purchased/traded). Most of the Case knives I own and have handled are pretty well made. I have heard the quality may vary some from year to year.

Since I only collect Case knives and don't use them, I haven't had a problem with the shield that Keith mentioned. I have seen quite a few used Case knives which are missing their shields. My using knives are other brands, so this hasn't been a problem for me.

Hope you are happy with the Case folding knife you purchased. You'll have to let us know after you've had it and used it a bit.